Two defensive beauties (round 3 of the Topps vote-a-thon)

14 03 2010

Juan Francisco expressed his disappointment in losing by going 2-3 with two home runs and three RBI’s today. And from what I heard, they were monster shots. Who knew he was a fan of the blog and so proud of his cards? Not me.

I’ve been sick for much of the day and don’t have much to say.  Time for match up #3.

Hey, it’s one of those lovable Royals, David DeJesus.  I wish I had something more clever to say about him, but I don’t, so I let his card speak for itself.

I’ve always said that Athletic green is the perfect color for baseball cards.  Adam Kennedy’s card here is no exception.

Kennedy actually shares something in common with Babe Ruth, George Brett, and Reggie Jackson, which I will leave it to you to figure out.  Last year with the A’s he had his best season since 2004, and it was good enough to land him the starting job for the Nationals in 2010.  Not sure how much of a reward that is.

Enjoy and vote.




3 responses

14 03 2010
Cards on Ice

The DeJesus would be more awesome if they hadn’t used that exact picture on his Topps card from last year as well. 🙂

14 03 2010

I thought his Topps card last year had him barreling over a catcher. Was there more than one?

15 03 2010

I’m sure I sent this exact card to Dinged Corners as a mid-air card, but I guess it could have been another Royal.

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