Topps March Madness, round 4 (vote!)

15 03 2010

David DeJesus takes match-up #3.  Adam Kennedy protests by going 1-3 in today’s spring training match up against St. Louis with a triple.  On to  round 4.

The only thing I can’t figure out in this card is why Upton’s using an elusive slide to get into third base when there is the only person who could tag him out appears to be the third base coach.  Did Topps do some airbrushing here to remove the defender?  Why not put ole’ honest Abe in there as a third baseman to spice it up?  Otherwise it’s a beauty of an in-action card.

Justin had a breakout last year, and is turning into a justified 1st round draft choice if he can repeat the feat in 2010 and beyond.

Another great rookie card with another great picture.  Luis is known as “the Panamaniac” and that’s enough to make me a fan of his.  He’s shown the ability to hit throughout his minor league career, although not for power.  He isn’t afraid to take a walk either, and has good speed as well.  All that lands him #25 on Baseball America’s Padres’ prospect list, so even if a large quantity of these get dumped in the ocean it’s still unlikely this will be the key card to the set in fifty years.

Here’s the poll, feel free to cheer on your favorite in the comments below.  One more round to go featuring two of my absolute favorites tomorrow.



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