2010 Topps Vote-a-thon, Round 2 begins

17 03 2010

Pittsburgh had the day off in today’s spring training matchups, so Andrew McCutchen could deal with his heart-breaking one vote loss off the field and not be distracted for tomorrow.

Round 2 will see the cards seeded based on votes, and we have a bonus entry that I scanned and forgot to include. He’ll be the walk in against top vote getter Josh Thole. Here goes

Match-up 1:

I’m glad the rookie was shown some love, garnering a whopping 15 votes. He’s the early favorite for round 2 against- wait, who’s this-

Ryan Spilborghs? What’s he doing here?

I’m not sure. I know I scanned him to be a part of this, but I’m not sure where his opponent went. So here he is making an appearance in Round 2.  How could I deny that face?  Ryan’s excited about something, and it’s a card that helps capture the love of the game.

Match up 2:

Matt Holliday, the #2 seed with 10 votes in his victory over Juan Francisco, vs…

…Justin Upton, who beat out Luis Durango.  I’m still not sure who he is sliding around in that picture, though.

Match Up 3:

David DeJesus, who handled Adam Kennedy with ease vs…

…my own personal favorite, O-Cab, who narrowly beat out the aforementioned Andrew McCutchen.

Top vote getter gets a bye for next round.  And if you are participating, start thinking of your own favorite Topps cards to write in when the time is write.  Now vote!




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