A pack of 2010 Topps Heritage

18 03 2010

For the past eight days I’ve been stuck at home taking care of one or both of my sick children. While it has been nice to spend some extra time with them, it would have been so much better if they hadn’t been sick and the time off of work had been planned. That’s another issue altogether.

While I was out one day gathering the latest bundle of prescriptions, I made a quick detour to the local box and grabbed a couple of packs to break the monotony of being house bound. So, with a gift card in hand, I hit the card aisle and foolishly grabbed some 2010 Topps that I didn’t end up needing (although I’m now sitting on a code card waiting for that next 50’s run) and a pack of 2010 Heritage, which I told myself I shouldn’t buy since I wasn’t going to collect the set.

Nothing too exciting. I can see why people are a little bored with this year’s offering, but Topps did well in keeping it authentic.  Next year’s wood grain should garner a bit more buzz, even though the pictures will be more of the same.

I was happy to pull a Redleg out of the bunch, though.

I’ve said it before, but Reds fans have high hope for Drew.  Eight home runs in 180 at bats is nothing to sneeze at, especially when coupled with 10 stolen bases.  But Drew didn’t hit more than eight home runs in a minor league season except for in 2007, so the power hopes may be a bit misguided.  Most projections see him hitting around the .260 mark this year with ten home runs total, which would be a great improvement over the Reds CF production from last two years.

The fronts may be a little bland, but the backs are awesome.  Topps is very generous to call Stubbs a “top young hitter,” but it was the middle cartoon that surprised me most.  The Reds only had one walk off HR last year?  And it was hit by Drew Stubbs?  What a worthless piece of knowledge that I will now no doubt retain forever.  Thanks, Topps Heritage!

I did pull one of the shortprints as well.

The most boring shortprint in the bunch.  Ugh. I get that there has to be a checklist for authenticity sake, but man, what a turnoff.  Even the picture is one of lame.

Will I buy more of this?  Well, the next thing I’m interested in comes out in May.  That’s two months away, so anything’s possible.  I’d like to think I’ve got more willpower, though, and will spend the money on actual ’61’s rather than modern players on reprints.  That is, if I have the cash to spend on it at all.



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19 03 2010

I didn’t know the Topps Million cards were going in runs.. but i’ve only bought a few packs and pulled 2 redemption code cards.. both were 1970’s commons.. guess i shouldve saved them.

19 03 2010

There have been a couple of times when the Topps machine “gets stuck” on cards from the ’60’s or ’70’s, but they recently did some site upgrading or some such that may have fixed this problem. No hurry.

19 03 2010

I’ve always really liked the design of the ’61s, especially the backs.

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