So, what’s your favorite?

18 03 2010

Steve from White Sox Cards set over about half the cards I’m missing from my 2010 Topps set in trade.  While there are a few nice ones (including this Eric Byrnes), none so far have usurped Orlando Cabrera’s card in my mind as best of set.

Clearly the people don’t agree with me as Cabrera just got beat by David DeJesus in the vote off.  And that’s okay, because we all have different opinions of beautiful cards.  Except, it seems, when it comes to Josh Thole’s card.  That one we all agree is pretty sweet.

But these are my favorite, not yours.  And since I purposefully stayed away from cards that I’d seen on other blogs before, I probably didn’t feature yours.  So I’m curious to know – which 2010 Topps card is your favorite?

While you are thinking or sorting through your cards once more here’s the penultimate round of voting for the cards featured here:

As mentioned, David DeJesus beat my beloved Cabrera card.  Heck it was almost a shutout, but I couldn’t let that happen, now could I?  He moves on to battle:

Justin Upton, who doubled up Matt Holliday. Who gets to face off against the Josh Thole juggernaut?

*Updated* While pack ripping the box of hobby blogs that are out there, I discovered someone with similar tastes. I wonder if she’s been stuffing the ballots…




One response

18 03 2010
night owl

I already posted my favorites so far:

But if you want the short answer:

1. Prince Fielder
2. Matt Kemp
3. Omar Vizquel

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