I guess they really liked the stickers (Panini to enter hockey card market)

24 03 2010

(I am contractually obligated to post links to the Tournament of Gimmicks, going on now on this fine blog, Stale Gum, Card Junkie, and the Cardboard Junkie.  If you are too lazy to scroll, go here and here to vote in the Berger Regional hosted by yours truly, and read up in the write ups down below.  Voting ends tonight at midnight!)

What does the NHL know that the other sports leagues don’t?  Perhaps that exclusives don’t work.  While basketball and baseball have run into the monogamous arms of Panini and Topps, the NHL and the NHLPA announced today that they are letting Panini enter the hockey fold with an all but collapsing Upper Deck.  If recent rumors that Upper Deck will lose their football license soon this may become a Panini exclusive once Upper Deck collapses.

Am I excited?  Well, Panini is talking of bringing back “heritage brands” like Score, Zenith, and Crown Royale.  Yeah, you read that right.  “Heritage Brands” the oldest of which came out 20 years ago (Score), lasted all of seven years,  and did little to nothing to innovate the hobby.  Zenith is remembered for foil and the 97-98 set that featured 5×7 cards that needed to be torn open to get to the base cards.  Crown Royale means the return of the die cut.

Still, it’s not fair to prejudge, and once set information starts to trickle out, I’ll have a better idea of what I’m going to collect in 2010.

But, with the return of Donruss/Panini/Score/(apparently Pacific, too) to the hockey card fold, is there a “heritage brand” that you would like to see return?




One response

25 03 2010

Those “heritage” brands don’t excite me but Score did put out their first set in 1988 that featured 100% action shots. That was impressive at the time.

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