The Tournament of Gimmicks rages on – Berger Region, Round 2

25 03 2010

Hope your bracket wasn’t busted by the round one results, which at least here seemed to go to the higher seed.  Don’t forget the Burdick, Olbermann, and Beckett regions as well.

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Round 2

Game 1

1) 2008-09 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy vs 8 ) 2008 Bowman Chrome #155 Kosuke Fukudome No Au

Finally, a situation where all sports fans are cheering on the Yankees and not just their fans.  Realize if this was covered by ESPN we’d already have eight feature stories about the dominace of the Yankee Stadium Legacy inserts and their proud tradition.  Those cards were everywhere in 2008, and I think I even pulled one from a box of laundry detergent that year. 

Fukudome has a shot, but I have a feeling he’ll once again prove to be a disappointment to his followers.  Just like hobbyists were initially disappointed when they pulled this autograph card with no autograph that Topps claims they never had any intention of making until they realized how short printed it was.

Game 2

4) 2007-08 Topps Moments and Milestones vs. 2009 5) Topps Target Throwbacks/Wal-Mart All Black Blasters

If there were a “Tournament of Gimmicks” set released, Moments and Milestones would have 22 cards, one for each vote that it received in round 1.  Oh, and of course we’d parallel the crap out of it.  Topps got greedy with it’s all black/throwback blaster brilliance and ruined the value of their base set blasters for as long as they put two packs of this stuff in a ten pack box.

Game 3

3) 2001 Donruss Elite Extra Edition $5.99 Redemption Cards vs. 1998-2000 Skybox “Gangsta” Text

I didn’t collect 2001 Donruss, but I already really dislike it.  Seeding the last 50 cards as 1:14 mail-in giveaways is bad enough, but charging folks $5.99 is even worse.  Then there’s the whole changing of the initial on-line checklist and randomly sending out serial numbers so that /1000 has no meaning.  I’m not-so-secretly cheering it on.  Meanwhile, that Gangsta text, in an attempt to be hip and relevant in the late 90’s, was just cray cray.  Will voters hate, or will it dominate?

Game 4

2) 2010 Topps Milton Bradley “Scoreboard Abe” vs. 10) 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights #100 Jacoby Ellsbury

Topps really cleaned up in the Berger region, and with innovative gimmickry like “Baseball Abe,” you can see why.  I am still waiting for a logical explanation for this one.  I also think it’s the end of the brief Cinderella run of the 10 seed, the 2007 Topps U & H Jacob Ellsbury.  Topps decided he needed a super stealth short print parallel rookie card even though he had already appeared in the 2005 Update set. 

Voting is now open and ends on Monday at 12:01 am.  But why wait until the last minute?  It’s not like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.  This is much more important.  Vote now!

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