Tournament of Gimmicks results, Round 1

25 03 2010

All scores are now final, winners in bold.  For some reason, thirteen of you chose to vote in one group of polls, but not the other.

1) 2008/09 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy – 37

16)  1988 Topps Bigs – 5

The epic blowout it should have been.

4) 2007-08 Topps Moments and Milestones – 22

13) 2008 Topps #AS Arnold Schwarzenegger – 21

Moments and Milestones broke out to a huge lead and was just able to hold off the Austrian upstart with an overtime half court shot.

5) Topps Target Throwback/Wal-Mart All Black Blasters – 26

12) 2009 Topps Heritage #70 “Thom” Glavine – 16

I really thought “Thom” had the chance at the upset here, but he missed from three point land all day long.

8 ) 2008 Bowman Chrome #155 Kosuke Fukudome No AU – 21

9) 2008 Topps Kosuke Fukudome “Japan” – 20

The Bowman Chrome No AU trailed for the longest time before turning it on late to take the lead.  Then it held off a last-minute  run by the #9 seed to eek out a win.

2) 2010 Topps Milton Bradley “Scoreboard Abe” – 22

15) 1969 Topps #653 Aurelio Rodriguez – 8

Really?  Eight of you were more upset about the bat boy than “Scoreboard Abe?”  Bradley wins in a romp all the same.

3) 2001 Donruss Elite Extra Edition $5.99 Redemption Cards – 26

14) 2006 Topps #RC1 Alay Soler – 4

An even bigger romp.  Soler had a tough matchup to overcome.  The Donruss EEE Redemption Cards are now my sleeper pick for the tournament.

Actual text: From Minnesota's homer hankies to the New York Yankees, it's all the same... You got game. And two World Series rings to boot.

6)1998-2000 Skybox “Gangsta” Text – 19

11) 1997-98 Leaf Fractal Matrix – 11

Gangsta schools trigonometry.  Figures

7) 1898 Upper Deck #413 Dale Murphy RevNeg – 13

10) 2007 Topps Update & Highlights #100 Jacoby Ellsbury – 17

The only upset in the bunch.  The Murphy made a surprising comeback, but it was too little to late.  Can Ellsbury do it again in round two?

The second round of voting begins Thursday.

All round 1 results can be found here.




One response

25 03 2010

After I voted in the first set of polls, whenever I clicked on the second set I got a Survey Monkey ad instead.

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