Tournament of Gimmicks, Round 2

29 03 2010

All scores are final, winners are in bold.  Thanks to all of you who came and voted.

1) 2008/09 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy – 32

8 ) 2008 Bowman Chrome #155 Kosuke Fukudome No AU – 7

Another blowout for the Yankee Stadium Legacy gimmick.   It’s almost been unfair to the competition.

4) 2007-08 Topps Moments and Milestones – 21

5) 2009 Topps Target Throwback/Wal-Mart All Black Blasters – 18

What started as a blowout for the Target Throwback/Wal-Mart All Black Blasters quickly turned to heartache for the #5 seed and their upset dreams.  Moments and Milestones wins in another squeaker.

3) 2001 Donruss Elite Extra Edition $5.99 Redemption Cards – 28

6) 1998-2000 Skybox “Gangsta” Text – 11

My sleeper pick to win it all drops the “Gangsta” with no reservations.  Thank goodness, ’cause I was all out of gangsta lingo.

2) 2010 Topps Milton Bradley “Scoreboard Abe” – 33

10) 2007 Topps Update & Highlights #100 Jacoby Ellsbury – 6

Scoreboard Abe takes down the Elsbury with no problems and will no doubt enjoy this victory with a night of theater.

Thanks again for all your votes.  I’m looking forward to this next round of match ups, especially the Scoreboard Abe/Donruss EEE redemption matchup.  And will Moments and Milestones stop the runaway train that is Yankee Stadium Legacy?

Next round of voting starts soon!




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