2010 Topps Pro Debut makes it’s… debut

1 04 2010

I’m a little late on this one, I admit.  I’ve been distracted by the Tournament of Gimmicks, honestly, and I believe this is the first post since it all began not asking you to vote on anything.  I’m sure you’re all breathing a sigh of relief.

This year Topps has an exclusive contract with minor league baseball as well and has issued Pro Debut, a minor league oriented set.  The base cards are similar to 2010 Topps base cards, but apparently the choices of pictures for minor leaguers are much more limited because there’s a whole lot of pitchers pitching and hitters swinging featured in the main set.  Not ugly, but lacking nonetheless and I can see where it would get boring looking at these cards after a while.

These, however, are awful:

I realize these are being used by Topps as a loophole to include those twenty-five or so players that signed exclusive contracts with Razor almost two years ago, but I wish they had come up with something better or simply left them out altogether.  I think we can all agree that the world needs less cards of other cards cut up inside them, not more.

Not all the inserts are ugly, though.  I found this one quite striking:

The rest of these look pretty nice as well, and feature legends like Babe Ruth and Stan Musial in their minor league uniforms.  Almost like a “When They Were Young” set, only less creepy and a lot nicer looking.  I’m seriously thinking of tracking down this ten card set, even if I decide to forego the base set itself.

One thing that has me reluctant to buy a box of this stuff is the seeming lack of interest from the blogging world overall.  I’ve seen nary a peep about this stuff roll by on the Sports Card Blog Roll, which would make it a heck of a lot harder to trade for the cards I’d end up needing.  So, is there anyone out there who’s going to pick up a box or two of these stuff?  Or are you going to leave this minor league stuff to the speculators and wait for National Chicle in May?




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1 04 2010

I wonder why they couldn’t just insert the original Aflac cards again like they do in basketball with the McDonald’s All-American cards.

1 04 2010
Chris Harris


1 04 2010

Nice touch using one of them in the Tournament post, too.

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