Tournament of Gimmicks Round 3 results

1 04 2010

Voting is now closed.  All results are final, with the winners in bold.

Game 1

1) 2008/09 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy -16

4) 2007-08 Topps Moments and Milestones – 9

Yankee Stadium Legacy took a huge early lead and Moments and Milestones just could not catch up.  I really thought this one would be closer then it turned out to be.

2) 2010 Topps Milton Bradley “Scoreboard Abe” -12

3) 2001 Donruss Elite Extra Edition $5.99 Redemption Cards – 13

“Scoreboard Abe” had a strong start and an 8-0 lead at one point, only to see 2001 Donruss EEE come roaring back and win a nail-biter.

Thanks again for all who voted.  The elite eight game for the Berger region starts tomorrow.



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