Odds and Reds

9 04 2010

Victory is theirs!

The Reds won their first game of the season and now stand 81 wins away from what I think most Reds fans would consider a success:  above .500 baseball for the first time in a decade.  I told you I’d bust out the celebration card at certain times throughout the year, and I think a 2-1 walk off victory is as good of a debut as any.

After much deliberation, the star of the game goes to…

Jonny Gomes would have been an acceptable answer as well, providing the 9th inning go ahead blast that gave Marty Brennaman his first opportunity to announce that “this one belongs to the Reds” in 2010.  But Bronson went 8 innings, even after taking a line drive to the leg in the second which had him limping after the game.  Fifteen of his first eighteen outs were within reach of an infielder, strikeouts included.  He drove in the Reds first run with two out in the fifth, and he collected his 1000 strikeout, battling back from a 3-0 count on some scrub named Albert.

Looking at that card reminds me that I still have yet to complete this set, even though I’m ridiculously close.

Finally, as a follow-up to opening day, my son looked at me while eating dinner tonight and shouted out, “Go Drew Stubbs!” and smiled.  When I echoed the call, he responded, “Go Reds!” and the asked for more players names to cheer on, which I was happy to supply.  The Reds make an MLB Network appearance on Monday night, and I may just pick up a certain 3-year-old a little early from school just to watch it.

I’m going to make him a Reds fan yet.




One response

9 04 2010
Jonathan @ RGB Cards

Happy about the win, and even more the way it was done – gotta love the walkoffs! Even more excited that Friday’s Reds game is going to be on TV here in Australia. The MLB Network game probably will too, but I don’t get the channel that rebroadcasts those games here…

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