Rolen over the Marlins

13 04 2010

The Reds managed to overcome a 4-2 deficit, Dusty Baker’s need to use Mike Lincoln and his 5+ ERA in a close game, a questionable double steal call in the 6th, and a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the ninth to claim their 4th victory of the season by beating the Marlins 5-4 in ten innings.  Today’s player of the game?

There are a handful of cards that feature Mr. Rolen as a Red, but I don’t have any of them, so this 2009 Upper Deck card will have to do for now.  Had I planned this as a regular feature, I would have been more prepared.  Since it became a spontaneous sort of thing, you’ll have to either settle or mail me some 2010 Reds cards to help out.

Scotty-don’t went 3-5 at the plate, hitting two solo home runs off of Ricky Nolasco and driving in the game winner with an RBI single in the 10th.  And with his 3-5 night, the Reds finally have a starter with a batting average above .300.  Hopefully it lasts longer than tonight.

The good news for the offense is that each starter had a hit, and Jay Bruce had two.  Hopefully this is a sign of improvements to come.




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