Arrrr… swept by the Pirates

18 04 2010

First off, it’s nice to see this guy
finally hit a home run. And he was so excited about his 5th inning jack, that he hit one again in the 9th to celebrate, earning Jay Bruce the Reds star of the game. The rest of the team mustered three hits off the Paul Maholm and the Pirates bullpen, and the Reds fell for the fifth game in a row 5-3.

So while last week the Reds were flying high, they have lately been playing the kind of game most Reds fans are used to – lack of offense, high pitch counts and few innings from their starters, and a questionable bullpen. Our best starter is currently hitting around .280, and if that weren’t bad enough the next closest regular sits about 40 points below that. And if you had told me that Orlando Cabrera would have an eight game hitting streak by now, I would have guessed we’d be at least 8-5 and not 5-8.

But hey, they can’t lose tomorrow! Maybe it’ll be the start of a whole new streak.




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