Listening to the Royals/Blue Jays…

21 04 2010

Either it’s a boring game, or the Royals announcers are boring.  It has picked up a bit since Bob Davis took to the mike, but I’m going to say right now I’m not a fan of Ryan Lefebvre.    Part of it, I believe, is the lack of interaction between the broadcasters.  Part of it is the lack of baserunners in the 3-2 pitching duel.

Part of it, from what I’ve been reading, is a total lack of Denny Matthews, who doesn’t do Royals road games anymore.  Apparently I’ll need to catch one of their home game later on this year.


Strangest line:  “He’s not much of a base stealer, but he can steal a base.” – Bob Davis, talking about Jason Kendall.  Kendall would be caught stealing on a botched hit and run about three pitches later.

Best commercial:  Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 2.  There wasn’t much to remember as far as ads go from this game, but this one stood out as quite the oddity.  And it almost made me want to sign up to be a sheet metal worker, too.

It’s now 4-3 Royals going into the bottom of the 10th.  Alex Gordon hits a home run that just barely clears the wall, making for a confused and underwhelming call from Davis.  Can’t say I blame him, though, considering the situation.


Ground out to SS, and that’s the ballgame.  For two guys broadcasting their hometown team, there was hardly any excitement in their calls.  Even the Gordon game winning home run call was off, but I’m giving Davis the benefit of the doubt on that one.  Since I also missed the main draw, Ford Frick award winner Denny Matthews, I’m giving the Royals a mulligan.  I’ll see how they score next time around, but this game would be near the bottom of the list.




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