Take that, Dodgers! Reds win

21 04 2010

The Reds streak of non-losing reaches two.  The off day yesterday, and their snagging victory from the jaws of defeat victory tonight over the Dodgers 11-9.  The star of the game was almost Chad Billingsley of the Dodgers for allowing the Reds 7 runs in three innings.  Instead, Nick Masset would blow the lead in the 8th allowing a three run home run to Matt Kemp.  I groaned, Dusty sighed, and it appeared to be another long night for the Reds.

The Reds, however, rallied in their half of the eighth.  Jay Bruce drew a one out walk, Ramon Hernandez drew a two out walk, and this guy would become the hero of the game:

Janish laced a single to left, and some questionable fielding would allow both walks to come back and haunt.  A 1-2-3 ninth by Cordero insured the Reds would not have to hit again.

I liked 2008 Topps more than most people, I think, but even I can admit that this is one cringeworthy card.   Janish looks like he’s posing for a poster to a Mannequin sequel and not his own rookie card here, and Topps would ignore him in the vastly improved 2009 set.  As a backup, it’s doubtful he’ll make the 2010 set either which is why the world needs Topps Total.

I believe before tonight’s game the Reds had lost 24 of the last 28 games they played against the Dodgers, so even one win in this series should be deemed successful.  Here’s shooting for number two tomorrow.




One response

21 04 2010

This looks like one of those cards parents can order showing their Little League playing kid. Seriously, where was that photo taken that the diamond is right up against a forest?

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