Reds can’t rally this time, lose 14-6

22 04 2010

Wow those Dodgers can hit a baseball, huh?  Couple that with Aaron Harang’s recent inability to pitch well, and it was a recipe for disaster tonight for the Reds.  Toss in Micah Owings first bad outing, and the growing pains accompanying Logan Ondrusek, and you get a 14-6 loss.  I’m actually impressed that the Reds kept up so well for so long.

As for the star of the game…

Yeah, well, I don’t have a 2010 Topps Heritage Dodgers team card.  If I did, I’d be mailing it off to that guy whose up all night collecting Dodgers cards.  But the whole darn team outside of Hiroki Koruda deserves credit for this one.  Every starter had a hit, every starter either drove in or scored a run, and now the whole starting lineup sports a batting average north of .310, with one exception.  The bullpen held the Reds scoreless for the rest of the night.

So why the ’81 Dodgers team card?  Because when I think of team cards, this is the set I think of.  It’s the first set I collected (I imagine that’s why) and the last set that would feature them until a brief run from 2004 to 2007.  While the 2007 cards are but a blur in my mind, I can still recall the canary yellow of the Twins team card, the Phillies team in their dark red uniforms, the overhead crane shot of the Giants team, and of course, the Brady Bunch-esque Cubs team card.  They don’t make them look like that anymore.

Back to the series.  After last night’s surprising win, I had all but written this one off.  “Thursday’s game is our best shot at a series win,” I thought.  “Mike Leake.”  I know the season is still young, but so far the guy with no major league experience until this year is the Reds best hope for a win.  Until something changes, in the spirit of “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain,” I propose the following slogan for the 2010 Reds starting pitching:  “Hooray for Mike Leake, then pray for a week.”

I’m willing to listen to tweaks to make it better.  And of course, it goes out the window if he can’t stop the Dodgers tomorrow.  Then all that’d be left is to pray.



One response

22 04 2010
night owl

I’m totally not used to this. Usually, I gripe about the hitting and praise the pitching. This is so weird.

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