Random Pack #2: Fun with 2008 Documentary

25 04 2010

I put the name of the pack in the title so you were warned what’s in this post: another awful Upper Deck product. Remember, though, that these are the first packs of anything I’ve opened in months. It’s like finding the last Steak-um in a box when you really want Filet Mignon. And do they still make Steak-ums anymore?

Here’s what I thought I’d do with these. I’ll post scans of 6 of the cards that I pulled from the pack, and you can guess if the player featured on the front is actually a part of the write-up on the back. Ready? Here goes…

Pictured: Ivan Rodriguez
Blurb: Veteran southpaw throws seven super frames in no-decision

Pictured: I believe that’s Jake Peavy
Blurb: Ace versus ace lives up to expectations

Pictured: Jason Bay
Blurb: Pittsburgh sluggers take Mets ace deep twice

Pictured:Jeremy Guthrie
Blurb: Orioles move to 3-1 on season behind concerted effort

Pictured: Hanley Ramirez. Right?
Blurb: Marlins never waver; bats awaken in late innings

Pictured: Miguel Cabrera
Blurb: Detroit motors home; shuts out Kansas City

That’s it for tonight since I actually dozed off while typing out #5 up there. Hope you don’t do the same.




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