Someone wants Frank Wills

27 04 2010

Whenever I see someone make a Topps Million Card trading post, I realize that I’m one of the folks they are probably complaining about who do not check in regular to approve or reject trades.  It’s not that I want to drive anyone crazy, but unless something reminds me of the thing, I forget about it.  I only have four cards in my collection after all, and the best of them is a bright and colorful 1972 Topps Houston Astros team card.  I’m not really looking to get rid of that one.

It goes downhill quickly from there;  my other three cards are a ’79 Ted Cox, a ’86 Jose Rijo, and a ’87 Topps Frank Wills.  Not exactly cardboard gold, so when I do remember to check in there’s usually nothing pending there anything unless it’s a 1989 Gregg Jeffries for the ’72 Astros team.  They deserve to wait if they are offering crap like that.

This morning, after reading some tales from the transmogrifier, I remembered my cards and thought I’d check in and see if any trades awaited.  There was the usual 1989 Topps stuff for the ’72 Astros team, which I actually rejected to save the guy some hope.  And then there was this one:

Someone wants my Frank Wills.

Now, I realize that a 1988 Saberhagen isn’t the greatest card in the world, but I’d be getting a 2 time 20 game winner for a guy who barely won 20 games in his career.  Saberhagen’s a 2 time Cy Young award winner.  Frank I think won his company’s softball league one year. So even though I’d be trading forward in time, I went ahead and agreed to the deal.

After all, I already have a ’87 Wills in my collection as part of the set I finished years ago.  This Frank deserves a new home.  One where he’s wanted.  One where he’s worth more than Bret Saberhagen.



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27 04 2010

As long as you don’t have that ’89 Lemke, you can ignore trades all you want. I’m going to hunt that guy down one of these days…

28 04 2010
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