MLB radio: National vs Cubs

28 04 2010

I need to pay more attention to the games I choose, I guess. Initially I was going to listen to the Padres/Marlins game this morning. But I the game started later than I thought, and by the time I tuned in, it was already 2-0. Since I’m trying to listen to entire games from each broadcasting crew, that just would not have done. I saw a couple of uninspiring games at 10:10 local time, so I wasn’t disappointed when I looked up and it was 10:20. I’d settle for the Nationals and the Cubs.

Since I already know I won’t enjoy the Cubs announcers, I went with the WFED feed. And after listening to the first five or so innings, I read this. Bob Uecker is doing his last game for months, and, had I paid attention, this would have been the no brainer choice of the day. But I wasn’t paying attention and the game is 4-3 in the ninth. Maybe I can catch his return.

Meanwhile, I just checked out the matchup in the Phillies/Giants game: Hamels vs Lincecum. Sure I got to hear an Adam Dunn blast, the behind the back catch by Byrd, the return of Roger Bernadina, and do some scouting for my fantasy team on Luis Atilano (I’ll be passing, I think), but that’s a great pitcher’s duel that I’m passing up for this snoozer from the north side.

To be fair, the Nationals broadcasting tandem of Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler have been very good. They’ve conveyed the excitement of the game as best they could, shared some knowledge that has kept things interesting, and even made me chuckle a couple of times.

Oh, and they play Wil Nieves at bat music on the radio when he comes up. I believe it is some sort of superstition, but they really didn’t go into too much. I thought they had accidentally cut to commercial with two outs the first time it happened.

So even though it may not have been the most exciting of match-ups, the Nationals guys gave the game some real character. I wouldn’t be disappointed if I had to listen to Chuck and Dave everyday. And while I think I’d rather listen to them on an every game type of basis, the game called by the Twins tandem was so much better. Edge to the Twins.

Oddly as the game entered the ninth, the feed from WFED went down. I’ll never know how that game ends. But I do get to switch to the Brewers feed for some Uecker before his break. It’s tied 5-5 in the tenth.

Best of the season:
1) 4/14 – Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins, John Gordon and Dan Gladden.
2) 4/28 – Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs, Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler




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