Always a Red to me, 1978 Topps edition

29 04 2010

This card came in the mail the other day as part of a trade with Matt at Heartbreaking Cards.  I had no idea that Dave Collins’ nickname was “the fastest white guy in baseball” and I’m not sure that kind of nickname would have occurred if Collins were playing in 1998 instead of 1978.  Different times, different levels of offense, I guess.

But the point of this post isn’t to wonder about nicknames, it’s to say that, to me, Dave there is wearing the wrong uniform.  This is the way I remember Dave Collins:

As I’ve mentioned, 1981 was the first year I started collecting cards.  It’s also probably the year I became a Reds fan, too, no doubt due to the hobby.  So whenever I hear Dave Collins, this is the image that pops into mind.  Collins at the plate, bat just off the shoulder, and everything surrounded by green.   A real gem of a card.

After the ’78 Collins arrived, I looked him up on Baseball Reference and was surprised to learn that Dave played with eight different teams in his sixteen year career, or close to 1/3 of the league (Dave retired a few years before the latest round of expansion).  Not only was he quick on the basepaths, but he was quick to move from team to team as well.

I recall his release from the Reds and his disappointing year with the Yankees in 1983, and I can see him in a Tigers uniform from his stint there in 1986.  But in the the three years in between, Collins played for the Blue Jays and the A’s.  Before his initial stint with the Reds he played for the Angels and the Mariners (as seen above).  And finally, after another tour of duty with the Reds to end the 80’s, Dave’s career came to a close with the 1990 Cardinals.

Dave’s late 80’s return to the Reds were carboardilized by Score in 1988 and 1989.  Those are buried in the bottom of my closet much like his return to Riverfront is buried in my mind, and I don’t recall much about those years.  He also appeared in the ’89 Upper Deck set, a set that was out of my price range when it was released and I’ve only recently begun to chase.

His ’82 Topps card is also a beauty, and there you can see his big 80’s glasses and trademark forearm bands (he’s not wearing them on his wrists, after all).  I believe his ’81 Fleer card is a posed, on his knees and smiling on an overcast day kind of card, but then again, the entire Reds team from that set is in that pose, so I may be thinking of, well, everyone else.

But my cardboard memories of Dave on are always with the Reds and are always limited to the early 80’s.  Despite his lengthy and well-traveled pedigree, he’s always a Red in my mind.




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29 04 2010
Jonathan @ RGB Cards

So I went onto Dave Collins’ Baseball Reference page (mainly to look at all his uniform numbers) and I found this little gem in the transactions section:

June 23, 1989: Released by the Cincinnati Reds.

July 30, 1989: Signed as a Free Agent with the Cincinnati Reds.

WHAAA? They released him, then changed their minds a month later and re-signed him? I don’t remember that.

30 04 2010
jim (gcrl)

dude stole some bases! he also has a few opc variation cards.

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