Random Pack #3

4 05 2010

I’ve been a horrible hockey fan lately.  It’s mostly the east coast bias of televised hockey – Versus tends to show a game at 4:30 Pacific, which is right in the middle of picking up the kids from school/day care, dinner making, play with the kids then get ready for bed routine.  When that’s all done I can either watch Kings or Ducks hockey or talk to Mrs. Collated.  She’s usually the winner.

So when one of the random packs I was gifted lately turned out to be 2008/09 Victory Hockey, I figured it was as good a time as any to check in with the sport and see what was going on.

I know the Bruins beat the Sabres in Round 1 of the playoffs, so I’m not a total slouch.  But I had no idea Savard was the victim of a grade 2 concussion and has been out of action since March.  The former Ranger should return to the ice to face the Flyers in round 2, a series which I hope ends in forfeits for both teams due to mutual liquid-heat-in-the-jock pranks by both sides.  Since that probably won’t happen, I’ll go Bruins in six.

I had no idea that Conklin was still in the NHL, played with the Blues last season, or that he’s put over pretty good numbers since the 2007-08 season.  Not good enough to lead the Blues to the playoffs this year, but a cursory look at the numbers suggests that more of an offensive lack than Conklin’s fault.

His old team the Penguins is Crosby Crosby Crosby in the second round against the Canadiens, who managed to do what the Rangers couldn’t do last year and beat the Capitals in round one.  I’m sad to say I  just don’t see the Habs upsetting Pittsburgh in round two, and that’s upsetting to me since I tire quickly of Crosby Crosby Crosby all the time.  I’m pulling for Montreal, but I think it ends with the Pens in 5.

The best player to ever wear #88.  Not a bad card to pull, I suppose, from a free pack of cheap cards.  Kane and his Blackhawks ousted the Nashville Predators in round one, something that makes them instant enemies in my book.  Why couldn’t they just let those big sabretoothed cats win a round for their fans?  Haven’t Nashville hockey fans suffered enough?

For their penance, they’ll lose to Vancouver in seven.

Victory hockey promises you an insert or rookie card in every pack, and how far has the hobby come when you’re disappointed to pull an insert.  Despite this cards claims, Doan is not really considered a “star” of the game by anyone outside of the greater Phoenix area, and even that’s cutting it close.

The former Winnipeg Jets lost to the Red Wings in round 1, and by this point I’m pretty bored with the Red Wings success.  Is this the year of the Sharks?  I hope so.  Not only do I like San Jose, but I’m tired of hearing the story of playoff fail from them every year.  Sharks in six.

(Now, before you say, “Hey Mr. Collated, these prediction seems pretty obvious because the Sharks are up 2-0,” for example, I want to point out that I started this post two nights ago, and saved it for editing.  Then I missed the chance to post it until today.  So there.

And for those of you already bored with hockey, there’s more on those 1985 Topps All Stars to come.)



One response

4 05 2010

Don’t ever bet against the Habs, no matter how bad their chances seem. The normal rules don’t apply to them.

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