MLB Radio: Mets vs Reds, WFAN feed

5 05 2010

Yeah, I know earlier I said I wouldn’t listen to the Reds opponent’s feed, but I’m going to have to do something.  Listening to a team a week would take close to eight months (right?  30 teams, 4 weeks in a month = 7.5 months) so I’m going to have to hope that the schedule is friendlier as the season goes on and, on occasion, listen to the enemy and enjoy my Reds.

So today, it was the Reds vs Mets on WFAN with Wayne Hagin and Howie Rose making the calls.  I thought for sure this one would be annoying, but once again I was surprised at how knowledgeable these two came across and how much they made me smile or even laugh.  That’s always the sign of an entertaining broadcast.  I could have done without the whole “Go Mets! F-A-N” thing after every half inning, though.

And I dare say that I didn’t miss Thom or The Cowboy at all.

Even better is the fact the Reds pulled this one out with a walk off home run in the bottom of the tenth.  I believe that makes nine last at bat wins for the Reds in a season that they’ve had fourteen victories total.  The Reds star of the game?

He may not field worth a lick anymore, but he doesn’t hit really well either.  At least so far.  But today he came through in the bottom of the tenth to help the Reds win a game they should have won twice already.

Next Wednesday, the Reds take on Pittsburgh in a day game, so the Pirates announcers will get their due.




2 responses

6 05 2010

Howie is one of my favorite active baseball announcers. I’m glad you enjoyed listening to the game. (I’m not so thrilled with the outcome, though.)

Not to nitpick, but the station call letters are WFAN. 😉

6 05 2010

That’s my west coast bias coming through. When I moved out here the K call signs sounded so awful. Now, apparently, I can’t get them out of my head.

I made the corrections.

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