Chrome Chicle?

6 05 2010

That doesn’t sound very good to me. In fact, it’s the only image not shown in the Topps blog’s 2010 Chrome preview.

Not only Chrome, but T206 as well.  Plus more Heritage Chrome.  I guess the place to chrome cards would be in a release called “Chrome,” though, wouldn’t it?

What does sound good is two on card rookie autographs a box.  Especially if you were to pull something like this:

Nice, huh?

The release also says the USA Collegiate autos are on card, too, which would mean everything’s on card this year.  Unless there’s something unaccounted for.

Back to the chroming of Chicle and T206.  I like this idea to expose the Chromers of the world to other releases, but I can’t see fans of these sets heading to Chrome just for these.  I think the on card autographs is a big draw, though, and I’m actually thinking of my first pack of Chrome when it’s released this September.




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6 05 2010


7 05 2010

2009 Chrome Football had a subset of chicle cards. Surprisingly, they turned out looking pretty nice. They aren’t worth much, but they did look good.

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