2010 Topps Triple Threads preview

14 05 2010

Yesterday Topps posted a preview of their latest installment of Triple Threads at the Topps Blog.  While no one really cares about the base cards when you tear into a pack of this stuff, I kind of like the design. It does feel somewhat familiar, though…

I think this is what I was thinking of, with that odd bridge lattice as stadium bunting thing at the top.  Not a total ripoff, but I’d wager the same design team had a hand in both

Anyway, Triple Threads is mostly known for the diecut book cards that spell out things like BTBCYA or MHDSSR with jersey swatches in each letter.  They aren’t pretty.  But some of the other cards are, so I thought I’d give Topps some credit on something well designed.

This Utley bat knob, for example.  Simple looking, well designed, and generally pleasing to the eye.  Not elegant by any means, but my eyes wouldn’t seize up if I pulled this from a pack.

Same concept here, same nice look.  Heck, even the part without the patch looks good.  I dare say it qualifies as Upper Deck-esque.

This is another nice design, although I can’t imagine that the white starry background is anything other than Chrome, and I’m not sure what to think of that.  I’d also like to see, oh, I don’t know, the player’s name somewhere on these as well.  Hopefully it’s just oversight in the mock up department and Topps will fix this in the printing process. 

The rest of the cards are the usual diecut mess, and the insane price tag coupled with the long odds on pulling a nice looking card will keep me from purchasing Triple Threads on its release in late August.




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