Baseball vs Hockey, inning 2

15 05 2010

For those of you who missed the first part, here’s the deal.  I pull a hockey card from one of my recently opened packs of 2009/10 Upper Deck hockey, and then pull the card with the same number from Upper Deck’s 2009 baseball release.  Then I compare the two, and this determine which sport rules the cardboard playground.  Simple right?

Ah, happier times from the Rangers.  In a way, though, I’m glad they failed to make the playoffs because the Canadiens did, and I doubt the Rangers would have been able to beat the Capitals, let alone the Penguins.  And I’d much rather anyone beat the Penguins. 

As for the card, the last time I mentioned how hockey cards often have a lot of dead white space in the background and how this can detract from the beauty of the shot itself.  This card is an exception to that rule.  If superpest Sean Avery were wearing the Rangers white jersey, this card would go from awesome to awful.  Instead, it’s a colorful shot of a colorful player in a colorful moment.   

Conversely, here’s a baseball card that suffers from a mostly monochromatic blue background.  Plus it gets negative points for being a Cub.  Aramis has been doing his best to make me like him by hitting .168 this season and leading the Cubs on their march to last place, but as a Reds fan I just can’t get my heart to open up for him.

I think hockey cards takes this inning, knotting the game at one.




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