Great Cards Recieved Lately

18 05 2010

There actually was a fourth favorite card from those 2010 Upper Deck packs, but in order to see it, you’ll have to go to this post at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes.  This was a favorite simply because I had it and someone else wanted it.  I offered to trade him his address for the card, and he agreed to the swap.  It worked out on both ends.

About a week or so after I dropped it in the mail, however, I got an envelope with a return address for gcrl.  Inside was a note.

Let me say I love getting handwritten notes in with traded cards.  I’m not saying that I hate getting cards without a note or anything close to that.  If you send me cards I will love them and care for them the best I can.  But it’s a nice reminder that someone who you communicate with mostly through 12 pt Times Roman or whatever font you choose is on the other end and is going to enjoy the cards you sent.  As if the sending weren’t enough of a reward, here’s another handwritten pat on the back reminding you.  Awesome.

Do I always remember to include a note?  I don’t think so, but I often try to, even if it’s a sloppy scrawl that’s hard to read.  And if I do get something handwritten, I like to scan it and add it to the post.

Enough of that, right?  What was the reward?  Two cards I now consider as “best pulls” from my packs of 2010 Upper Deck.

Another one of my favorite things to get in trades is cards from the team that the blogger collects.  I realize that some of you team collectors probably have a boatload of duplicates that people send to you throughout the year, but as a kid who used to separate his Reds from the rest of his cards and keep them in their own box, I think this is pretty awesome.

Even better, it’s one of the namesake’s of gcrl’s blog.  And it’s a great shot to boot.  But that wasn’t all…

Another namesake card.  Granted, I was more psyched to see the little picture of Joe Morgan at the bottom then the big mug of Lopes, but a great card’s a great card.  This one certainly qualifies.  Leaders cards and old checklists are a great way to get great players on the cheap.  One of my favorite cards when I was a kid was a 70’s Lou Brock that I think I still have buried somewhere.  That gives me something else to try to find in addition to trying to keep up with trades and posting, too.

One other odd tangent is to congratulate gcrl on finally ascending to the top of the Google search for “gcrl.”  Take that, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory!

So thanks to gcrl for the unexpected and unnecessary cards.  I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more of your nefarious 9.  Next time there’s no need for rewards.




One response

19 05 2010
jim (gcrl)

thanks again for the mientkiewicz. he just bailed on the marlins but i’m hoping he pops up somewhere else soon.

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