2 random packs: 2010 Topps Chicle

19 05 2010

That’s what I looked like when I found retail Chicle at my local big box store.  Well, without the bats.  They won’t let me back in the store with bats since an unfortunate incident back in December.

But I was excited to see the stuff there because, like everyone else, I’ve been curious as to whether I’d like it or not.  And to be honest, I still don’t know.  There are some great looking cards, but there are some real headscratchers too.

Here’s one of the good ones.  Floyd looks like Floyd, and the depth of the card is well rendered.

Floyd’s been struggling as of late, giving up at least five runs in six innings in four of his last five starts, and those were preceded by a one inning, seven run affair in mid April.  Not what the Sox were hoping for from a guy making $15.5 million over the next four years.  I get the feeling he’ll end up on the disabled list soon and we’ll find out he’s been pitching hurt.

Here’s one that suffers from poor depth rendering, though I wonder how much of the damage was done in the coloring process and how much of it is in the artist himself.  Something just does not look right with Damon’s throwing arm.  It also doesn’t look right to see him in a Tigers jersey, but that may be just me.  He’ll always be a Yankee to me.

Here’s another great one.  Walker almost looks real here and not artist rendered.  Walker’s currently tearing things up in Indianapolis and waiting for the Lastings Milledge experiment to come to a close in Pittsburgh.  At the very least, I think Walker could match the .250/0/14 line that Milledge has put up so far, and Walker can steal a few more bases, too.  But I can’t explain anything the Pirates have done lately, so Neil will probably be playing AAA for the rest of the season.

This one’s just awful.  Brain Kong has taken one of the greatest pitcher’s in history and painted him as a gas station attendant in an Indians uniform.  Cards like these are the biggest roadblock to me pursuing the set, so I may just use the handy list provided by the Junkie and chase down the artists I really enjoy rather than chase the whole set.

I’ll have to decide what I’m doing soon, though, because I can’t afford this, Series 2, and A&G right now.  I think this one may take a back seat.



3 responses

19 05 2010
Dinged Corners

We don’t understand that Cy Young card. The iffiness of some of the Chicle art crosses the line into weirdness more often than not. And yet somehow we still like the design overall. Go figure.

19 05 2010

I’m getting a box of A+G, if that makes any difference to your decision.

21 05 2010

Such a funny set, the greats are great, the not greats pretty much stink. Not many grey area cards in this set. I am chasing it though. Too cool not too, I think. A great idea, at the very least, even if execution is not quite there on some cards.

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