Expos-ed to some 74′ Topps

23 05 2010

As another sign of my disorganization, I completed a trade recently with a certain Runner of Rhubarb at é rayhahn, rayhahn. I agreed to send him some Twins and he was going to help with my wantlists. Address were exchanged, and cards were sent. Or so I thought. Because I found them yesterday in the stack of cards to be mailed.

Meanwhile, his half of the trade arrived a week or so ago. I’m that far behind. Even more so because there are cards I received before these, but I couldn’t scan them all before I left for work tonight. You see, I’m back on the night shift, which reeks even more havoc with my organizational skills. If we were dealing with pltonium of the secret recipe for coke there might be a bigger issue. Luckily, it’s just baseball cards. Well, unluckily if you are rhubarb runner.

But most bloggers of baseball cards are a patient lot, and he’s understanding about the delay. In the meantime, you can see some of the goodies I will soon pay him back for.

Pepe Frias was a light hitting utility man for the Expos, Braves, Rangers, and Dodgers.  He is not, as far as I can tell, a member of the band Papas Fritas, a band which pops up frequently in conversations I have even though I figured no one had ever heard of them.  They had a song in a Dentyne Ice commercial a while back, the one that has the girl who breathes on the subway window so she can give out her phone number to all the passerbys .  Sounds kinda whorish, but the jokes on the men who fall for the old “555” phone number routine.  Pepe would never do something like that to you. 

Here’s the back of a 1974 Topps card, for those unfamiliar with them.  Bill’s card front is scanworthy to, a close up of him outside what appears to be an elementary school utility closet.  I love the cartoon though, that shows Bill has a degree in education which qualifies him to teach a class on cats. 

Stoneman threw the first no-hitter in Expos franchise history during the team’s ninth game overall.  His second no-no was the first one to take place in a major league game played in Canada.  By 1973 he had lost whatever success he had enjoyed, and he retired from the mound after 1974.  He’s now a consultant for the Anaheim Angels. 

Notice a trend here? Apparently there aren’t a lot of Expo collectors in the bad blogging world, and that lack turned into my benefit here as I needed all of them for my set. I’m not sue why I chose Jorgensen to scan though, so I found out that he’s the only baseball player born on the day that Babe Ruth died. Too bad for Mike that Babe’s spirit did not transfer into his body that day, though he did stick around in the majors for seventeen years. 

I know why I scanned this one. Boots!  How can you not scan a card for a guy named Boots!  Boots, whose real name is Charles, was the first batter ever at Veterans Stadium.  He grounded out to the pitcher.     

Not all the cards I received were Expos.  Here’s Jim Mason practicing for a bottom square on the Brady Bunch.  Mason was actually purchased from the Rangers according to Baseball Reference, and while there he would appear in three World Series games  in 1976.  He made the most of his one plate appearance, hitting a home run off of the Reds Pat Zachary.  While Jim won that battle, his team would lose the series. 

So thanks for the cards, Rhubarb Runner.  I hope you enjoy the Twins as much as I enjoyed these.




4 responses

23 05 2010

Hey, glad you enjoyed them, and don’t worry about the mailing delay, it’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

Nice writeup, too. Seriously, a no-no in the Expos’ ninth game?!

If you stumble over any neat Twins in the future, you have my address! Thanks again.

24 05 2010

ha. i find it funny the way some of those traded cards looked back in th day.

almost makes it look like they sucked and were sent back to the factory.

Some of them come off like a stamp of rejection. 🙂

24 05 2010
jim (gcrl)

nice cards. mike jorgensen will be showing up on ohmyopc in a few days. he’s the guy who won the nl gold glove in between wes parker and steve garvey.

28 05 2010
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