A quick post on a Chicle blaster

26 05 2010

These two cards came in the same pack of Chicle and are a big reason I’ve decided to pass on this set for now. These have to be two of the ugliest cards that I now own, and I have an almost complete 1990 Topps set to do battle with.  Egad.

And to think someone had to look these over and approve them.  Someone actually said to go ahead with Gordon Beckham looking like an 80 year old and whatever they did to Tommy Manzella.

It’s too bad, too, because this set had so much potential, and there are some really nice cards as well.  Here’s the best of the blaster bunch:

Can’t go wrong with Luis.  He’s about to fall to third on the most hits by a shortstop list, provided Omar Vizquel gets another shot before retiring.  Both men stand at 2764 career hits at shortstop as of this post.

Another nice looker accounts for my only Red card so far:

I’d love to get my hands on the rest of the Reds cards though, including the Drew Stubbs autograph if anyone has one for trade.  The Stubbs auto has actually got me back on eBay in the past few days, but I’ve only put in a token bid or two in hopes of landing it on the cheap.  No rush, though, especially if he keeps hitting .200 like he has been.  And now that Bowman and Series 2 hype have commenced, prices on this most uneven release should begin to deflate.  Or so I hope.

If you are putting the set together, I’ve got some things to trade, including the Gordon and Tommy above.  Just drop me a line and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.




2 responses

26 05 2010

I actually really like the Chicle cards of current players on junk wax era renditions (the Manzella)… something different. Of course, I also really like the junk wax era, period.

29 05 2010

I would LOVE the Manzella. Shoot me an email at camh44@gmail.com I’ll see what I have on your want lists.

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