How much for that 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo box?

28 05 2010

I went to the local card shop today for some supplies, and noticed the 2010 Topps Series 2 boxes on the shelf.  I inquired about the Jumbo box she had, and with a straight face she responded, “The Jumbo is $188.”  For a Jumbo box of Topps Series 2.

Had I been chewing gum, I would have swallowed it, and later been rushed to the hospital when it lodged in my windpipe.  The ambulance ride still would be cheaper than a Jumbo box of 2010 Topps Series 2.

Online prices are cheaper, as usual.  About $60 cheaper.  But even still, $128 is a bit much for Series 2, right?  Right?

Further research shows hobby boxes still at a relatively low rate.  In fact, you could get two hobby boxes for the same price as one jumbo.  That’s 148 more cards and two more million card giveaway cards, among other benefits.  You’ll be shorted an auto or relic, but from what I can tell, that’s your only loss.  I think that’s probably worth it.

(Updated to add:  I just want to be clear here as there seems to be confusion in the notes:  In a Jumbo box you get ten redemption codes that fall at the rate of one a pack.  In two hobby boxes, you’ll end up with twelve codes, since they fall at a rate of six per box.  All that is on average.  In fact, for most insert sets you’ll end up with more from two hobby boxes because of this.

Another downfall I forgot to mention:  A jumbo box usually lands you a complete set.  There’s no guarantee this works with two hobby boxes, as you could end up with the same 324 cards from each box.)

I just hope this doesn’t backfire on me and run up the hobby box prices before I can make my purchase later today.

And the moral of all this?  Order early.




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28 05 2010

or order late – by Christmas the Jumbo will be like $69 or something. Last yrs s2 jumbo is going for $75 over at Dave and Adams right now.

28 05 2010

No, the moral of the story is don’t buy from rip-off card shops. Mine has regular boxes for $65 and jumbos of Bowman for $190. $188 for any Topps Jumbo is highway robbery.

28 05 2010

Or wait for somebody else to buy ’em, break ’em & list the cards you want on eBay…

28 05 2010

I feel lucky I got my first Jumbo for 107 and I looked at blowout first and they are selling for 120 or so. I might have to buy my second box of Jumbo before prices go through the roof like Series 1.

28 05 2010

I picked up a jumbo off of thEbay yesterday for $102 shipped. They still had one left after I got mine.

28 05 2010

Don’t forget the one per pack Million Card Giveaway codes in jumbos.

28 05 2010

^^ You usually get six Million Code cards per hobby, so you’d get 12 in two jumbos.

It sounds like your shop is preying on the novices who think the Strasburgs are in Topps, and not Bowman. $188 for Topps is absurd. But yes, order early! I got mine for $87 by pre-ordering. Sure, it might cost less later, but so would everything. And 2010 Topps has had a lot more demand than 2009 ever did, so I’m not counting on ’10 boxes getting as low priced.

29 05 2010

Oops, I thought it was 4 per hobby box. That’s not bad at all then. I don’t think that these hat relics will be as popular as the ones from the first series and they were one of the big things that drove those jumbo box prices.

4 06 2010
BA Benny

I guess I am fortunate as I have a great card shop by me with an owner who has integrity as I got my jumbo box for $90 (same as series1) plus he had a 55 Topps WBC set he threw in for free as part of a promotion he is in with Beckett. He also had some promo cards set aside for me being a regular customer. They were exclusive to HTA shops for opening day and he hooked me up. I hear the horror stories of prices being inflated by people or stores who don’t give a hoot about their customers and I thank my guy each time I go in there. As an added bonus we get to chat about the hobby and sports in general and it’s always a good trip to the store.

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