2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo vs 2 2010 Topps Hobby boxes

29 05 2010

I thought I’d post this since there was some confusion on my previous post between the 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo boxes and two hobby boxes.  I also wanted to know for my own sake.  So here you go.


Jumbo:  10 packs of 50 cards each = 500 cards
2 Hobby boxes: 36 packs of 10 cards each = 720 cards

Advantage: 2 Hobbyboxes based on sheer volume. My numbers in the last post were based on a page from Dave and Adam’s Card world that shows nine cards per pack in a hobby box. They also claim only forty-eight cards per jumbo pack. I’m sure there’s a reason that Dave and Adam do this, but I’m not sure what it would be. Other sites have the more traditional ten-cards-per-pack hobby and fifty-cards-per-pack jumbo configurations that are more traditional.

That said, there’s no guarantee that your hobby boxes won’t contain the exact same 360 cards each time, and once you factor in the insertapalooza that Topps base has become, I believe you’ll be about 15-20 cards short of a base set with one hobby box. Hopefully your overlap from the second box fills in the gap. A jumbo box usually guarantees you a complete set.


Jumbo: 10 gold parallels (1:1)
2 Hobby boxes: 12 gold parallels (1:6)

Advantage: 2 Hobby boxes. Usually you’ll pull a black parallel from a jumbo box as well, but there’s no official insertion rate on these. I do not recall how often I’ve hit a black parallel in a Topps hobby box though, and would welcome comments that can confirm you usually hit one of these in a hobby box as well. If that’s the case, it’s again advantage 2 Hobby boxes.  That is, of course, assuming you want more parallels.


Jumbo: The inserts below fall 1 per jumbo pack

Topps Vintage Legends Collection – 10
History of the World Series – 10
The Cards Your Mother Threw Out – 10
Legendary Lineage – 10
Topps 2020 – 10
Peak Performance – 10
Turkey Red – 10
Topps Attax Toppstown.com Code cards – 10

2 Hobby boxes:
Topps Vintage Legends Collection – 18 (1:4)
History of the World Series – 12 (1:6)
The Cards Your Mother Threw Out – 24 (1:3)
Legendary Lineage – 18 (1:4)
Topps 2020 – 12 (1:6)
Peak Performance – 18 (1:4)
Turkey Red – 18 (1:4)
Topps Attax Toppstown.com Code cards – 72 (1:1)

Advantage: 2 Hobby boxes. I almost gave the edge to the jumbo box based on the fact that you’ll get seventy-two of those ToppsTown cards, but that misery should be off set by your extra Cards Your Mom Threw Out, Turkey Reds, and perhaps even the History of the World Series cards. If I’ve done the math right, that’s 192 total insert cards in your two hobby boxes, which is absolutely ridiculous. And that doesn’t include…

Topps Million Card Giveaway Codes:

Jumbo: 10 (1:1)
2 Hobby boxes 12 (1:6)

Advantage: 2 Hobby boxes. Here’s what I don’t understand. If these alone were driving hobby prices, then why would hobby boxes remain relatively cheap while the Jumbos have blown up. There must be some other draw, right?

Relics and autos:

Jumbo: 1 auto and 2 relics, including 1 “Cap Logo” numbered to 99
2 Hobby boxes: 2 autos or relics, and no guarantee on the “Cap Logo”

Advantage: Jumbo! Could this be the extra draw? Judging by the handful of completed listings on eBay (where I stole these images from, by the way), not really. Sure a few of them have cleared $25, including the Murphy pictured above. Most of them fell into the $10 range, which would not be enough to justify me spending extra on these.

There’s no autograph guarantee in the 2 Hobby boxes either.  Or you could hit two.  Who knows?  It’s a gamble of fun!

Red Hot Rookies:

Jumbo:  1, as I believe you get 1 per box
2 Hobby boxes: 2, as I believe you get 1 per box

Advantage: 2 Hobby boxes.   I believe my past pulls were Julio Borbon and David Murphy.  Whoop.  Perhaps one of these days I pull something worthwhile, and with 2 hobby boxes, I’d double my odds.  Unless I pull the same one both times. 


Jumbo: Currently in the $120 range at finer online outlets
2 Hobby boxes: $110-$120 range at those same outlets

Advantage: 2 Hobby boxes.  Normally, Jumbo boxes are a better deal, especially when they fall in the $80-90 range.  In this case, though, the prices are too inflated and getting two hobby boxes seems to be the overall better deal. 

So keep this all in mind when you are online shopping or thinking of buying some series 2 Topps right now.  If you are willing to wait, prices may go down by the end of the year or early next year.  But who’s going to want to blog about 2010 products in 2011?



3 responses

29 05 2010

Excellent post. The hat logos are great, but just not worth the extra $$. Or, rather than extra money, they’re not worth losing out on the $200+ lost in card quantity. I waited a few months after Series 1 came out and grabbed a hat logo of Dexter Fowler for just a few dollars. Plus, the autographs are stickers, and I haven’t seen many impressive ones (not to mention the awful design).

30 05 2010

When series one landed there were a bunch of hat logos that were selling for around $50 especially Yankees greats such as Ruth and Mantle. Those sell for $20 – $30 these days, but the box prices haven’t dropped at all.

For me, I’ve found that the hits that I pull are just better out of the jumbos. In the past three years of basketball I pulled two rip cards and a Blake Griffin on-card McDonald’s All-American autograph card. Baseball hasn’t been as dramatic for me, but the box breaks that I watched and read usually seemed to have better quality hits coming out of them.

That being said, $120 is too much for a jumbo box. They should be selling for $100 max. They’re good, but there isn’t anything amazing to warrant those prices.

21 06 2010

Great article. I just got back into collecting and after looking online after reading this article I feel better about what to buy. I have only one question and it may be a dumb one. There seems to be a Topps Bowman Hobby box that has Strasburg on the box. I have seen Sports Authority sells it and have found it online elsewhere. Are they baiting people in with him being on the box, or is this a decent set to buy? Thanks for all your research.

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