Why I need to go to Turner Field

2 06 2010

I was getting ready to mow the lawn and listening to the Braves/Phillies game.  Up to the plate steps Brian Schneider…

and in the background I could hear the theme music to One Day at a Time.  You know, the show with that handyman named Schneider…

I remember hearing something about the organist when I watched that Reds/Braves debacle a few weeks back.  Apparently he does this for just about everyone.  Mark Teixeira, for further example, is greeted by Radiohead’s “Creep.”  Awesome.

Here’s an article if you want to read about him a little bit more.  The organist, I mean.  Not Schneider.  Now I’ve just got to convince my wife this is a good enough reason to go to Atlanta…




One response

3 06 2010

“One Day At A Time” – seeing Valerie Bertinelli on that show was the thing that made me realize that girls might be interesting after all. Well, that and seeing Ally Sheedy in “War Games”. Sadly, it wasn’t until many years later that any girls found me interesting, but that’s another story.

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