Trading with the Troll, pt 2

8 06 2010

I don’t want to scare anyone, so I’m not going to post the movie poster for Troll 2. Imagine Dee Snider, the lead singer of Twisted Sister with darker hair at a moment where he just has begun to stare into the Arc of the Covenant and you’ll get the idea. Many who have seen it claim it’s the “best worst movie of all time,” and it even has an award-winning documentary to back up the claim.

From the reviews I’ve read of this movie, there’s no actual trolls in Troll 2.  Instead a family goes to a town called Nilbog and runs into goblins that turn people into vegetables so they can later eat them. The hero is a boy who’s best friend in the headless apparition of his grandfather.  This apparition warns him of the plot, so the boy in one scene pees all over the family dinner to prevent them from eating it and preventing their vegetorphesis.  Eventually, he saves them all with a bologna sandwich.  Seriously.

If I’ve peaked your curiosity, the movie is available on for free.  One reviewer there warns you that you won’t ever get the hour and forty-five minutes you spend watching it back again.  You will, however, have a lot to talk about with your friends the next day.  Based on what I’ve read, I can’t say I’d recommend this.

One thing I can recommend is trading with The Collective Troll, who, as far as I can tell, has never featured a troll on his blog either (You were curious as to how I would tie this all together, weren’t you?).

Here’s part two of the package he sent.

Without doubt, this 1963 Ernie Bowman is the oldest card I’ve ever received in a trade.  Since I knew nothing of Mr. Bowman, I flipped the card over to read up on him, and learned that, “his versatility makes him an important member in S.F.”  It sure wasn’t his career .200 Batting average. up to that point.  Bowman made both his major league debut and his final major league appearance against the Padres, appeared in two games in the 1962 World Series, and had a career fielding percentage of .950.  Now you know as much as I do about Ernest Farrell Bowman.

Chico’s rookie year made a good impression on the Indians.  In half a season, he hit .302 with four home runs and ten steals.  He spent the rest of his career mostly as a reserve, spending time at every position but pitcher and catcher over the course of his nine-year career.

Chico is one of my new favorite players.  First off, I love the name Chico Salmon for some reason, and if I cover up the bottom of the card I can easily imagine he’s on the Reds.  Second, this has to be the best story about a baseball player I’ve ever read:

Salmon was so fearful of otherworldly spirits that he refused to sleep in the dark. Salmon’s trepidation apparently stemmed from his childhood, when his mother and other adults warned him that ghosts could enter rooms at night if the windows were left open or keyholes in the door were left unplugged. Salmon maintained his extreme fear of ghosts well into his adult years. It wasn’t until 1964 that Salmon overcame his fear of sleeping in the dark. A stint in the military will do that; the Army wouldn’t let Salmon sleep with the lights on in his barracks.

Go ahead, find something better.

I guess to call Wills a popular player in Dodger land would be an understatement. The rest of the internet seems fairly unimpressed with him. There’s no way I can cover everything about Wills in a paragraph or two, so instead I’ll recommend this one on the statistical merits of his case for the hall of fame. Go go go go and read it now!

Yeah, a 1975 Palmer.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Another guy who I don’t need to write much about.  I love that his Baseball Reference page is sponsored by a place that sells Jockeys, though.  Smart marketing there.

And finally, a ’76 Topps Rico Carty.  The more of these that trickle in, the more I like this set and wonder why I haven’t focused on collecting it more.  It’s relatively short on big money cards, with Dennis Eckersley’s rookie card and George Brett’s 2nd year cards being the big draw, as well as the usual crew of Rose, Aaron, and Ryan.  I’ve got three out of five of those already, so it shouldn’t take too much money…

That’s the problem with packages like this one.  I want to focus on almost everything that came in with it.  And that’s just not possible.  I can’t even keep up with the new releases, let alone the old ones.

Don’t let me get away without mentioning that “The Beeg Boy” was the first write in All Star and is now an honorary general in the Dominican Army.  Two awesome things to tell the Carty grandkids.

There was more, too, but you get the idea of the packages that Troll is capable of.  So get over there and offer him some stuff he needs.  You won’t be disappointed in the end.




One response

15 06 2010

GREAT POST!!! I am a little late reading it, but I love it! I had totally forgotten what I sent you, so that was a nice refresher… Now you know what the Troll is capable of! I love it! Thanks for trading and keep up the great blog!

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