Finally, Mike Leake is Topps Finest redemption #4

10 06 2010

I’m surprised by Topps Finest Rookie redemption number four because I figured another rookie pitcher would get it.  I guess from a marketing stand point, it makes sense for Topps to stretch out the hype for as long as possible.  Whatever the reason, Topps announced today that Mike Leake finally gets his due.

Before today’s game, Leake was 5-0 with a 2.22 ERA with fifty strikeouts in seventy-three innings.  He’s been the Reds number one starter coming from the number five spot.  And it’s been awesome.

Today he has celebrated the announcement by getting hit around by the Giants, so far giving up four runs in four innings and a WHIP north of 3.00.  Ouch.  Luckily the Reds have managed to come back and tie the game up, and it’s days like this that you remember that Leake is a rookie with no minor league experience.

And for you Strasburg fans, I’m guessing you are going to have to wait.




4 responses

10 06 2010

Whew, I thought this was for Red Hot Rookies #4, which I have. Nothing against Leake, I just want to hold onto my Heyward redemption dreams just a smidge longer.

10 06 2010

You’ve got a shot. They announce the first Red Hot Rookie next week, and I can only imagine it comes after one of the next Strasburg starts…

11 06 2010

What do you think the odds are of Stras being 5 and Stanton being 6?

11 06 2010

As good as any other combination, I suppose. I honestly think that Topps will wait a couple weeks for the Strasburg announcement in Finest, sometime after they announce him as a Red Hot Rookie since Topps series 2 is still a focus of the marketplace. That may mean that another player earns #5 and Strasburg gets #6. I also believe Strasburg will be one of those 10% autographed redemptions as well.

Topps can also choose from Tabata and Arrieta, and are no doubt holding out hope that Aroldis Chapman gets called up sometime before the end of the season. So they may just hold off for awhile before they do anything.

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