2010 Allen & Ginter Strasburg question

11 06 2010

Prices on Allen & Ginter have risen over $20 since Topps announced that Strasburg will appear in every set from here on out.  In honor of my last post, what is Topps going to do in order to gimmick the hell out of his Allen & Ginter card?  Short printing seems so mundane these days, but I’m not giving Topps creative much credit for anything beyond that.





2 responses

12 06 2010

They’ll no-number short print it, like Fukudome back in the day. And prices will soar and hardly anyone will pull it and I’ll become a Vintage-only collector for good if I walk in to the shop on release day and see the price of the only Hobby box I’m going to buy this year is $120 a pop.

12 06 2010

Back in the day? Like two years ago? Back in the day makes me feel old…

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