2010 Allen & Ginter follow up question

12 06 2010

It’s been noted that Topps is producing hobby boxes and such to match their level of preorders.  I’m assuming that orders for Allen & Ginter have risen with the announcement of Strasberg’s inclusion in the set based on the fact that preorder prices are rising.  Does that mean that this will be one of the most overproduced sets in recent history?  Does this mean that the sets that follow, which will also no doubt meet with high demand will be overproduced as well?




5 responses

12 06 2010

Obviously he’s going to be the next Karl Spooner.

12 06 2010

I’m actually a bit scared of the Straburgh Saturation that will shortly come.

12 06 2010
Collective Troll

I don’t know what effect it will have on the base, but they had already announced the number produced of each of the autos and framed cards. I would assume that those wouldn’t change… If they just print more stuff, that would defeat the purpose of pre-order to make sure you get it. I really don’t know, but I really hope not!
I will say that if they are printing them up like its 1987 then I want my boxes for 15 bucks like it was ’87…

13 06 2010

Wait, you mean there are sets that *aren’t* being over-produced!? How did I miss this??

14 06 2010

I’m sorry, I’m too busy hunting Jason Heyward cards to care much about Strasburg. Though his Bowman Chrome card I just sold helped me buy some other wax I had been wanting!

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