Hooray for hockey trades, part 1

14 06 2010

You baseball fans can just skip ahead, because not a single bat or ball will be featured in this post.  While I did recieve some baseball cards in the trade I’m about to feature, they will have to get their own post later.  This one’s all about the boys of winter, and I’m as excited as Raffi Torres about it.

Thanks to this trade, I’m now only eight cards short of the complete 05/06 Upper Deck hockey set, short prints and all.  While I hold out hope that seven of them can be acquired by trade, the eighth missing cards is the rookie card of some hot-shot from the Capitals.  That one will probably be have to be purchased once the other seven trickle in.  And Ovechkin, it’s going to be costly.  But I don’t want to talk about what I don’t have, but rather celebrate what I do.

There were a number of Young Guns included from the 05/06 set in the deal, including the Getzlaf, the Vanek, and one Jimmy Howard. 

Between the release of this card and the start of last season, Howard played a total of nine games in net for the Red Wings. He put up decent numbers in those starts, but it wasn’t until last year that he really broke out, ending the season in the top five for goals against average and save percentage. Another reason to gobble up the cheap Young Guns while you can – just in case.

I’ve already got one of these, but it’s got some chipping on the bottom border, so this is purely an upgrade.  But I absolutely love the look of this card, so it was totally worth it.  Coincidentally, Brule was traded to the Oilers in 2008 for Raffi Torres, the guy you see celebrating above.

Brule is kind of  like the anti-Howard when it comes to the Young Guns, seeing as his high prices and high promise have dropped due to an onset of injuries.  Brule earned his first point in his first career game, and his first injury in his second which sidelined him for almost a month. He played well enough last season, and it will be interesting to see if he can begin to cash in on the promise that he showed in juniors. 

And seriously, I love this card.

For some reason, I also decided to chase the insert sets from this season, and am now too proud to turn back.  I like the Hometown Heroes idea, but, Upper Deck really messed it all up.  Messier’s hometown is Edmonton, so of course he’s pictured with the New York skyline because that’s the team he played with at the time of release.  So Upper Deck really meant he’s a Hero For the City of the Team that He Plays For, but that would take up too much gold foiled room on the card.  Add to that the fact the Upper Deck released this set over two seasons (maybe three?), and you have a candidate for the Upper Deck Documentary award, which goes to a set that is high on concept and low on execution.

How does Jerome Iginla celebrate a goal?  Aimless skating in front of a net, apparently.  Another nice idea that was poorly executed.  At the very least get a shot of Iginla with a smile.

These I like.  They look nice in person and they note a special event in the players season that makes them a “Star in the Making.”  Toivonen, however, never lived up to the billing and now plays for the Rockford IceHogs of the AHL.  He’s the answer to the trivia question “Which NHL goalie gave up the first goal of Sidney Crosby’s career?”

As I said, most of the 05/06 set is now completed.  If you’ve read along this far, you are probably a hockey card fan, so if you can help me out let me know.  There’s more from this package to come…




3 responses

14 06 2010

I may be able to help out.

14 06 2010
Captain Canuck

nice. congrats. this came out when i wasn’t collecting again yet, so I don’t have any of this set 😦

14 06 2010
Carlos Saldivia

Why do the Bruins constantly give up the Pens superstars first goals?.. :))..


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