Topps Finest redemption #5 and Red Hot Rookie #1 announced

16 06 2010

It’s old news, but I just woke up after a particularly long week at work, so it’s news to me.  Topps is holding off on the big gun in announcing the latest redemption in the Topps Finest set and the first Red Hot Rookie from series 2.

First, Topps Finest redemption #5 is Marlins OF Mike Stanton.  Stanton draws comparisons to a young Dave Winfield with a good mix of power and speed that will end up being to expensive for the Marlins in four or five years.  He’s currently showing some of that speed, swiping a pair of bases in the six games since his debut and he’s hitting just over the .300 mark.  He has struck out about half the time he’s stepped to the plate, however, which he’ll have to overcome to make a bigger impact.

Red Hot Rookie redemption #1 is Carlos Santana, fooling a number of folks who believed it would be a certain Nationals pitcher, Luis Atilano.  Santana was a steal for the Indians when they acquired him and Jon Meloan for Casey Blake.  While he’s already hit his first home run of his career (off J.D. Martin), he’s scuffled since then, hitting only .214 in his first four games.  Would I be mad if I paid $30 to get his redemption?  Probably, but he should be a good one nonetheless.

So the watch for that other guy will continue, and as I’ve said before I would not surprised to see Topps wait for a spike in the buzz again to release him.  There’s still a number of guys in the pike that would make good redemptions subjects such as the Orioles Jake Arrieta, the Nationals other #1 pick from last year Drew Storen, the Pirates Jose Tabata, and even the Cubs Andrew Cashner, complete with a Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln shaking hands in the background.  Pedro Alvarez is about to make his major league debut as well, and there are big names that Topps will continue to hope get the call before the program ends.

All that to say, I’m not surprised that the one guy everyone wants is still out there as Topps tries to draw in collectors by giving them what they don’t want and hoping they’ll end up wanting it anyway.  Will it work?  You can discuss that below, but I’m highly doubtful this baseball card renaissance last much longer than a year.  Unless Bryce Harper gets the call in 2010.




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