Hooray for hockey trades, part 2

19 06 2010

What excites me more than a hockey trade?  A hockey trade that covers two posts!  It’s double the celebration!  Thanks to these cards from the 2006/07 release that I received, I’m now one Samuel Pahlsson away from completing the Series 2 base set.

If you had asked me which of these guys had more Stanley Cups without looking, I’d have gone Elias.  I completely forgot that the Carolina Hurricanes have won a Stanley Cup, and what’s more did so the season commemorated in the 06/07 set.  Ladd picked up his second Stanley Cup this year as a part of the Blackhawks, coming back from a fractured shoulder in a mere eleven days to put up three points in the final three games.

Elias holds all sorts of New Jersey Devils records, but only one Stanley Cup.

One more base card, because it just looks awesome.  Kipper’s never won a Stanley Cup, but did netmind his team to the finals in 2004.  He won a Vezina in 2006, but his 2007/08 and 2008/09 campaigns saw the overworked Kiprusoff suffer.  2009/10 saw him return to form, with his best GAA and save percentage since his award winning season.  The Flames will only go as far as Miikka can carry them in 2010.

Malkin Young Gun! Awesome!  Had I been chewing gum, I would have almost swallowed it, but flipping it over I realized it was only the checklist.  Imagine pulling this from a pack and not knowing what you had.  I believe this is the only season in recent history anyway that they made it impossible to differentiate between the two without looking at the back.

I need the regular Malkin Young Gun and three others to complete my Series 2 set.  Then I’m only 250 cards away from the Series 1 set.  Hoo boy.

I received a few of the 07/08 Young Guns but remain far away from the end of this one.  Now that it’s been a couple of years since its release, it’s probably a good time to swoop in and try to take this one down.   It’s certainly the nicest Young Guns design since the return of hockey from the lock out, and who better to show it off than the Rangers Brandon Dubinsky. 

This design?  Not so much.  I guess I could have done a Jonah Hex post and featured these cards, but I know little about the movie other than it has Megan fox in it and is supposed to be bad.  I suppose those things go hand in hand nowadays.

As far as this set, I’m far away from it.  37 Young guns, I believe.  I think Pardy, who projects as a 5th or 6th defenceman was the only one from 2008/09 that I received in this trade.  I instantly started humming this:

I can never get that guitar out of my head.  Bwang ding dung dinga dinga ding, bwnag ding dung ding a dinga ding, bwwoung.  Just awesome.  Just like this trade.  And there’s still one more post to go…




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