Hockey card trade, pt 3 – the Baseball!

24 06 2010

It’s been slow going here at Hand Collated World Headquarters.  It’s not that interest in things has died down – in fact I’ve got four wax boxes to open and I just finished a blaster box of 2010 Bowman baseball that I’ll post on… soon.  But when 600 AM rolls around Sunday morning, I’ll have just finished a two-week stretch where I worked nine twelve-hour shifts.  Sprinkle in there some good ole’ insomnia during the nights that I did manage to get in bed before midnight, and that’s the recipe for a real lack of creativity.  That does include the time demands of things more important, such as a son, daughter, and wife, either.

So I’m hoping that things get a little more regular come next week, although I won’t know that for certain until some time tomorrow.  I’m hoping after a restful Sunday night, I’ll be able to address some of the trades that have been in progress for months now as well as scan and post some of those box breaks and cards from other trades that I managed to complete before this herky-jerky work schedule took place.

And speaking of those trades, here’s the third and final part of that awesome hockey trade that I’ve been posting about, the part that features baseball.

You know, I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t a 1994 Fleer blog by now, and if there is I’m surprised I haven’t come across it.  Not only do I love this set, but I love the fact that other people seem to have a lot of this set that they don’t seem to need.  Back in the day before computers when I would write out wantlists by hand I would often skip this set completely thinking I would never finish it off.  Now there’s only fifty-one cards to go!

There’s been talk among Cincinnati fans that Walt should open up his pocketbook to bring Stormy there back to bolster a fading bullpen.  And while Dave would no doubt fit right in – harrowing innings featuring base runners, prayers, and usually a dramatic escape – that’s the kind of thing that the Reds need to get away from.  Luckily for the Reds no one in the front office seems to have taken this idea seriously.  So far.

I don’t recall asking for inserts, but I got some anyway.  I could have sworn that Mario did a post on the Pro-Visions, set, but I can’t find it if he did.  It’s the awesome, and now I’m closer to being able to fill out the whole landscape the set creates.  As far at the All Star inserts, well, I found it interesting that even the Canadian teams got the American flags in the background.  And don’t miss out on the Duane Ward Baseball Clinic coming to a town(in Nova Scotia) near you!

Hey Mariner fans, remember when Newfield would help save the franchise? Me neither, but I didn’t pay much attention back in 1994.  The back of the card was certain he was going to be a potent bat in the Mariners lineup, but that bat was more benign than anything else.  While he would show flashes of the promise that made him a number one draft pick, he would end his career with twenty-two home runs in 1051 at bats, settling for a career .249 average.

2007 was the beginning of the end for Michael Barrett.  After two clubhouse “exchanges” with Cubs pitchers, Barrett was sent to the Padres a week before Michael Barrett jersey night and two weeks before Michael Barrett bobble-head night at Wrigley Field.  In 2008 Barrett’s tour with San Diego came to an end as he struggled with the Mendoza line before being granted free agency.  The next season would see him go north of the border, about 35 points south of Mendoza, and out of baseball.

Barrett puts me just six cards away from a set that I wanted to finish off years ago.

I think I mentioned before that cards from these sets continue to trickle in from my wantlists, so here’s a few more.  I didn’t realize that both the Indians and the Tigers all but gave up on Ludwick before he hit the magical land of St. Louis, where the mediocre become better than average.  And you should all be familiar enough with Alex Rodriguez by now.  He can sulk all he wants, I’m not writing anything about him.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s Brandon Phillips turning two from the 2009 Upper Deck set.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t missed Upper Deck one bit this year.  While my struggles with their quality control seemed to ensure that I wasn’t going to build the 2010 Upper Deck set anyway, it’s been nice not spending money on their cards.   While I would have loved to see a Goudey offering this year and perhaps a Drew Stubbs SP Authentic autographed rookie card, I’d totally forgotten about them when it came to baseball sets. Guess they’ll have to settle for my money on the ice instead.  And for the record, I’m still not sold on this whole Panini hockey thing, though we should start seeing some previews of their stuff soon, right?

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have my Bowman blaster sorted out enough to post on, too.  Did I Strasburg?  Did I Harper?  Heck, I’d settle for a good Chapman even.  Have I built up the suspense enough for you to return?  Stay tuned…




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