my first group break

26 06 2010

I don’t usually do group breaks. Most people compare them to a lottery ticket, and it’s true that you usually end up with two bells and a lemon instead of three bells.  Plus if someone’s going to be opening cards with my money, it should be me.  And I should get to keep them all to do as I see fit with them.  I’m greedy when it comes to the hobby, I guess.

 But when Cardboard Collections had his first group break and I saw it featured a box of 2008 SP Authentic, I decided it would be a lottery ticket worth buying.  After all, Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto, Jay Bruce, and Evan Longoria all have autographed rookie cards in the set, and that was reason enough to claim the Reds and the Rays and then wait for my ship to come in.  Apparently the Reds had been previously offered to my new arch-nemesis, Nachos Grande.  He also beat me in a contest over at Offy’s Sports Site a while back, choosing the coveted Gary Redus Obak autograph I had been pulling for since I saw the contest announced.  All I could do was shake my fist at the eastern sky and yell, ” NACHOOOOOOS!” until I felt better.  It doesn’t take long, and my neighbors must now be wondering why I hate salted corn chips so much.  It’s good fun all around. 

Anyway, not wanting to miss out on a chance for something great, I went all or nothing on the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw.  And since the break also featured 2009 A Piece of History, there was a whole smorgasboard of unknown that would hopefully make the experience worth while.  So come on group break.  Bring on the Longorias!

Lemon.  This is, in fact, the only Longoria I got from the whole break , and while it’s a nice looking card I was hoping for something more.  Too be honest, the whole SP Authentic side of the break was a major dud featuring only a handful of commons and little else.  But Rays and Dodger fans take note – I’m happy to trade these away to you for something a little more Red, if you know what I mean. 

There were a number of unassigned cards to be randomed off, but before those were divided up, this was the hit of the box break for me.  I was hoping with a name like, “Cut From the Sane Cloth” that it would feature tiny swatches from Russell Martin and Joe Mauer, but again would up disappointed when I saw all that opportunity go to waste.  Another lemon, but certainly a nice looking one.  And to be fair, for as much as I have bagged on A Piece of History, these are very nice looking cards in person.  But I’m still not going anywhere near the set. 

As the randomization began, the big hit left was the Hollywood memorabilia item from A Piece of History.  It was the “big prize” that all of us who lacked a hit were hoping for as our team names were scribbled on tiny sheets of paper and thrown into a hat.  Imagine my surprise when the Dodgers turned out to be good for something other than painful defeats…

Bells!  I don’t recall the scene where Sydney Greenstreet wears a robe.  If I ever get a day off again I’m going to watch the movie and find it.  Then I’ll make sure to point out to my wife that I own a piece of it in the closet in the den, and she will more than likely fall down and worship at my feet.  Or shrug her shoulders and say, “Who cares?”  Or something in the middle.  Women are so unpredictable.  Just like a group break. 

If I remember correctly, the Reds managed an autographed Edison Volquez or something similarly kick ass from the break, too.  All I could do is raise my fist. 





2 responses

26 06 2010
Nachos Grande

I take it as a sign that I’ve made something of myself when I’m someone’s arch-nemesis!

26 06 2010

Hey HC, I’m sure I could find something to trade for that Mauer/Martin card, should you decide to part with it…

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