Prices are falling…

1 07 2010

About a month ago, Topps Series 2 made its debut and something (sheer boredom?) drove prices of a jumbo box north of the $125 mark in online stores everywhere.  At the same time, some Expos pitcher began to drive the hobby insane.  Topps was quick to announce that he’d have a card in everything from here on out (albeit in limited numbers, no doubt), and prices on future hobby boxes began to rise as well.

2010 Allen and Ginter sat around the $82 mark for weeks before all of this happened, and like a fool I sat and watched it rather than ordering my two boxes then.  Along came Strasburg, and shortly thereafter boxes of A & G rose by $30.  As much as I like the stuff, I cannot justify $102 for it.  I just can’t.

Well, even though Allen & Ginter has just hit the stores, prices online have dipped back below the century mark.  Whether this is a permanent change remains to be seen, but I feel reasonably sure that it will continue to decline as more of this stuff gets out there.  I’m guessing the $90 range would be a good place to buy.  If I’m wrong, it’s singles and lots off of eBay for me.  I’m willing to take that risk.

Oh, and that Series 2 bubble popped big time, too.  Jumbo boxes of Series 2 are now back down to a more promising $91 and hobby boxes have hit $45.  I only wish I’d waited longer to purchase mine.

I’m certainly not going to tell you what to do, but I do not think you should panic quite yet.  A better time to judge will be in another three weeks when the new Strasburgian infused Topps Tribute gets released and sucked into the hype, too.

*UPDATED*  Not more than twelve hours later, Blowout now has Allen & Ginter hobby boxes for $95.




4 responses

1 07 2010

I wonder how much of the Ginter price drop is because of the seeming impossibility of pulling a Strasburg card.

1 07 2010

I couldn’t afford Tribute when it didn’t have Strasburg.

1 07 2010

I think it’s just pricing coming back down to earth a little. People got SO caught up in the Strasburg hype that they were spending money that didn’t make sense.

If I REALLY want a product (which only happens with flagship Topps), I’ll pre-order, knowing that the prices usually won’t get lower than that for a few months, at the earliest. Otherwise, I’m all about singles!

4 07 2010

I thought prices might drop because of massive case breaks that ended up on eBay and underperforming. It feels like they flooded the market almost instantly — practically on or before launch day. I feel like that has affected the market, since now nearly everything is available, and you don’t have to go searching boxes for it.

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