Too many stacks

1 07 2010

I’ve been looking at these stacks of cards on my scanner for weeks now, so long, in fact, that they are looming.  They are actually putting unwanted pressure on me to do something that is supposed to be for fun and entertainment.  That is why collecting cards and blogging are a hobby, after all.

I cannot handle it anymore.  And I was hoping to combine a number of trades into this one post, to take them out in one fell swoop, but time won’t let me.  And for a while, my scanner wouldn’t either.  But we all managed to work together for once and work out some of the cards that I received in a trade from sruchris.  Here’s a link to his wantlists if the mood strikes you.  And here’s some of what he sent.

I’m not collecting this set, but I will take any spare Reds to even out a deal, and Sruchris had this 2010 Heritage Cueto and a 2010 Heritage Harang that I will happily add to the collection.  Both are nice looking cards, too, but I wish Topps would do more to make the cards look more like the era they are paying tribute to instead of just mimicking the design with modern photos.  I now have 3x’s the number of Reds Heritage cards that I did before thanks to this deal.

He also sent thirteen of my 2010 Topps needs, including this nice looking Mauer.  The only thing that would make it better would be to feature it from the other side, so you can actually see his face.  Or maybe a shot of him in Cabo.  The other twelve cards feature similar shots of a pitcher pitching or a batter following through on his swing.  Oh, and that Fielder card that was everywhere when this set was released.

And finally, another six Allen and Ginter cards from last years set.  That’s J.J. Hardy looking for his career in the distance.  He’s only two years removed from a .283/24 HR season, but last year was awful for him and this season has been even worse.  He scheduled to come off the DL for the Twins soon, but do you really bench the guy who’s been hitting .258 for the guy who’s been struggling to clear .220 for the past two seasons?  I’ll leave it to Ron Gardenhire to figure out, though it seems he’s already decided that Hardy needs to play.

He went a confidence inspiring 0-3 in his Class A rehab start last night.

So thanks for the help, sruchris, and I’m looking forward to more trades in the future.  Once I can dig out of this hole.




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5 07 2010

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