Sucked into 2010 Topps Updates and Highlights

2 07 2010

Drew Stubbs has quickly become one of my favorite Reds. His defensive range in center field is exceptional. He’s always a base stealing threat once he hits the base paths. And since he’s been moved to the seventh spot in the batting order, he’s hit a respectable .270. Now if he can just get those strikeouts under control…

And now it turns out he’s quite the artist:

Yeah that’s right. A sketch card that looks like it was drawn by a ten-year old.  With a lightning bolt on his chest.  Drawn by Drew Stubbs.  Friggin’ awesome. 

Lord, I hope I can pull one of these player drawn sketch cards from my soon to be order box of Updates and Highlights.  I am totally in love with this idea, and am left to wonder if these will be case hits, or part of an easy to collect insert set. 

Either way I’m giddy.  Someone out there please tell me I’m not alone.




2 responses

2 07 2010

You know what? That IS pretty awesome. I didn’t know about these.

2 07 2010

If they’re original “art,” they’ll fall into the case hit class. If they’re prints of the players’ “art,” they should be easier to collect.

I’m not feeling the love for them at the moment, so I’m hoping that they are case hits.

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