Puck Junk from Puck Junk

10 07 2010

I think that title says it all, right? I worked out a trade with Puck Junk for more hockey cards, and in exchange for a handful of Young Guns I sent to him he sent back a smörgåsbord of awesome.

Hey, look, it’s a Mini Mario!  You can keep him in your pocket!  You could win table top hockey games wherever you go! Do they still have table top hockey games somewhere?  I haven’t seen one since I was a kid.  Ah, nostalgia…

I think I may have mentioned this set here before, and I still can’t figure out how I ended up with so many of these when I don’t remember opening a pack.  Mario’s one of the bigger obstacles to overcome in the set, and I’m happy to have him finally checked off the list. 

These I do recall, and I’ve never been more disappointed when opening a box of cards in my life then I was with 1993-94 Score series 2 hockey.  I liked the look of Series 1 and when I saw series 2 for cheap at a card show all those many years ago I thought, ‘Why not?’  Here’s why:

1.   U-G-L-Y.  There’s no alibi for that, from what I hear
2.  Piss poor collation. There should have been enough of these for a set, but instead I ended up with triples of some cards and none of others.
3. The one-a-pack “Gold Rush” cards. I think this was the first box I opened that had a parallel in every pack, which further hampered my ability to put this set together quickly.

Plus it’s clear no one proofread these cards.  According to the back of this Gaetan Duchense card, he played with some team named the “North Stars” and helped San Jose beat a team from “Hartford.”  Everyone knows those teams don’t exist.   Maybe it was some sort of exhibition game or something. 

I had almost forgotten that Eddie the Eagle played for the Florida Panthers.  It would be his last season in the NHL before playing in Sweden for a year.  I’m reasonably sure that makes him eligible for the Hall of Fame next year and he should be a shoe-in when the time comes.  464 wins and two Vezina trophies should see to that.I had thought Michael Ryan had been successful in the NHL, but I realize now that I’m thinking of Bobby Ryan.    Michael has put up only fifteen points in seventy-nine NHL games over the course of three seasons.  Last season he played three games for the Albany River Rats, so I’m not sure if Michael has reached the end of his career or not.  I’ve reached the end of my quest for his card, though.

Ryan did score a goal in his NHL debut, tipping a shot past Ryan Miller and into his own net.  The Sabres would overcome and win the game 7-4.

And finally, the big prize of the bunch.  No, not Randy Pierce, but a number of 79-80 Topps hockey cards to help whittle down my wantlists.  I’m a sucker for players pictured on now defunct teams, so the former Colorado Rockies winger was the clear choice even though he had a mediocre career playing for sub-mediocre teams.

Not pictured are any of the fifty some cards from the various Victory update sets that I foolishly decided to collect, mostly because they are boring cards.  Upper Deck sure sucked me in for a couple of years, though. 

And with that, I’m down to my self-imposed guidelines before breaking open my now outdated 2010 Topps Series 2 box.  A Bowman Blaster break is yet to come.




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