The hunt for Stephen Strasburg (A 2010 Bowman blaster break)

11 07 2010

So apparently I was lucky to find one of these. There were three more on the shelf, and a quick eBay check showed that these were going for around $30-$35 dollars. I did some quick calculation and determined the profit margin would be slight once shipping was factored in, so I passed on buying the lot of them. I also felt a little guilty at the thought of capitalizing on one of the things I despise about the hobby. 

That was about three weeks ago. I finally made it back to the store a few days ago to try another go round and even hoping for some Ginter, but the cupboard was bare. I can only hope that the rest of those blasters were bought by kids eager to pull their favorite prospects, but I’m pretty sure it was some investor instead who has them up on eBay as I write this. I can’t believe that people are willing to pay $40 for one of these on eBay.  I can tell you right now it’s not worth it.

And that’s even after I pulled one of these. Chromojo, I suppose, even with that printer’s line. Or Strasbling, perhaps? If I sold this on eBay I’d probably recoup the cost of the blaster itself, meaning paying $40 for one of these is outright lunacy. To be honest, I would have been happy with an Aroldis Chapman, and I could get about twenty of those if I was willing to sell this guy. But the collector in me says to keep it since I’d never actively seek one of these out on its own.  I’m not in this for the money, after all, so it’s worth it just to say I’ve got one of my own.

Here’s the Chrome Red I actually did pull. He’s no Aroldis Chapman, that’s for sure. The back of the card makes Oliveras sound like a fringe/utility prospect at best and even though I follow the Reds I had never heard of him until now. Last year he showed some doubles power and hit .307 in A ball, but this year he’s struggling to clear .250 in his second season there.

Oliveras and a Jay Bruce gold parallel are the only Reds I pulled.  And let me tell you the whole gold parallel thing is a waste of time. Now, I realize that most people don’t buy Bowman boxes to put together a set, but I pulled 29 commons from my blaster.  There are 80 cards total in one of these things, so less than 3/8’s of the box for cards to build the base set with. Replacing the gold parallels would be a big first step.

At 1:99 boxes, you think this would be something worthwhile, but eBay shows it selling for around a buck.  It’s probably because most people haven’t heard of “But Mel” before. 

In actuality, Brent Morel was rated the “best hitter” in the White Sox organization by Baseball America, and was generally seen as the fourth or fifth best prospect in their system coming into 2010.  Most articles refered to him as the “third baseman of the future” in Chicago, so perhaps I’ll hang on to it and see what happens.  Perhaps I’ll send it to some White sox collector if I ever get caught up on trades.

Moving on…

While checking out the numbers for Moustakas this year, I came across one of the neater stories about a prospect I’ve ever seen.  He was on his way to dinner with his friends when he saw a little girl crying in the hotel lobby. He stopped to check on her, finds out she’s having homework trouble, and tells his teammates to go on without him so he can help her do third grade math.  How cool is that?

He’s a pretty good ballplayer, too, tearing up AA after a disappointing 2009. He should be on a cut out Topps base card in no time.

Here’s another interesting story of a prospect, this time featuring this year’s 2nd round pick by the Texas Rangers Cody Buckel.  Buckel caught the eye of the drama club president at his school and she convinced him to try out for his high school musical, “High School Musical.”  Cody won the lead to become a real life– uh, whatever the name of the guy from High School Musical is.  My daughter is nowhere near old enough for me to know something like that.

So there you have it.  A successful box, I suppose, considering the price I paid was retail.  The best part of it was reading stories about some of the guys I pulled, so if you aren’t into prospecting, and you aren’t into learning useless facts about baseball players that may or may not make the majors, I can’t say I recommend the thing.  Not that you can find one at your local retail store anyway.




5 responses

11 07 2010
john bateman

Cant find Bowman anywhere on a shelf. Morel was a decent pull

12 07 2010
Steve Cornell

I guess you got your money’s worth. Hard to believe that people are paying that kind of dough for blasters on ebay; but then again, I swore that I wasn’t gonna touch Bowman this year, and then got sucked into buying a blaster when I located one at Target a few weeks ago. I am glad that Stras is bringing new collectors (well, mabey they’re more like prospectors) into the hobby. Hopefully they’ll stick around.

12 07 2010

Well. I’m an old fart that lives in Utah an doesn’t get to watch much ball…if you count sitting in snowstorms in the Spring baseball. I watch the Bees and love
triple A, but grew up back in DC rooting for the Skins at RFK, and taking my kids to Spring games at RFK as well. My fondest memory was Ripkin standing outside the bus, while his buddies were inside with their feet up, signing everything he was given, including my boy’s glove. So, I am happy that you pulled your Strasburg. Should you get tired of it, think of me sitting in Utah in My Oriole’s cap, wishing I could get back to some real baseball. Okay, I’ll beg like a dog, throw an old woman a bone with the Stras card and you will make my Birthday, Christmas, and generally make me jump for joy. I’ll trade you my best card, which is most likely garbage to you…but you never know unless you ask. Thanks for your site, it is a great, fun place to hang out…and I am angry at Bowman for pricing a woman on a fixed income out of baseball cards. Hello?

12 07 2010

You’re right that there wasn’t a lot of profit involved selling them at $32 plus shipping. I assumed the same person would want all six blasters I had, and when instead it was six different people it ended up really being more hassle than it was worth. But I did come out ahead. I hope you don’t hate me too much.

13 07 2010

One of the guys I sold to just e-mailed me to tell me he found a Strasburg chrome, so at least one guy of six is happy…..

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