2010 Topps Finest Redemption #7

13 07 2010

It’s Cubs reliever Andrew Cashner.   Chicago hopes at some point it will be Cubs starter Andrew Cashner, but I think he’ll end up stuck in the bullpen for most of his career since his stuff should play better there.  If you don’t believe me, Baseball America projects him as the Cubs closer by 2013, and they actually get paid to do things like this.

So far this season he sports a 2.41 ERA and fifteen K’s in almost nineteen innings.  He’ll need to show better control to be successful where ever he ends up, having walked nine batters over that same span.  I’m pretty confident that he has some value and have made a play or two for him in a keeper league, but so far I’ve been shot down.  As for card value, well, it’s a reliever.  For the Cubs.  I think that says it all.

Topps is attempting to ease the letdown from redemption #6 and still make the rest of the season relevant by announcing that the Cashner cards will all be autographed.  So good luck finding an overenthusiastic Cubs fan on eBay to pawn this one off on.




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