Parsing Words (A 2008/09 Upper Deck series 2 box break)

13 07 2010

I know this has been done to death, but I’ve never seen it in the same release.  In the same box.  Take note:

“…been used in an official NHL game.”

“…used in an official Bruins NHL game.”

I’m not sure why you would go more specific on one and less on the other, since it only leads to the logical questioning of whether the Phillips jersey was used in a Senators game or not.  And it’s still two degrees from just stating that the player pictured wore the jersey themselves.

The only reasoning I’ve got is that the Stuart card pictures him with the Red Wings and is a black swatch.  So to avoid confusion, UD added the word “Bruins” so people wouldn’t wonder when the Red Wings wore black.  Oddly, all three of my swatches were black, including a not pictured Blake Wheeler photo shoot card.  I’m pretty sure that means I beat the odds.  At least when it comes to the jersey cards.

The main draw, even more so than the jersey cards, are the Young Guns, and I only got five of these.  Pictured is the best of the bunch, Nathan Gerbe of the Buffalo Sabres.  He’s a former Hobey Baker finalist and was an AHL rookie of the year.  He looked good in ten games last season with Buffalo, and while critics claim he’s too small to succeed, he just keeps finding a way to do so.  Two or three years down the line will be a better gauge of how successful my Young Guns pulls actually were.

I was even surprised when I found myself liking an insert set:

You may guess by the foreign spelling of “favourite” that this set celebrates current Canadian born hockey players.  You’d be correct, and it is to me what the Hometown Heroes inserts from year’s past should have been.  Nice looking, decent sized picture of the player, and I learn more about the player than the city skyline of the team that he plays for.

We’ll see how big of a “favourite” Price is in Montreal as he attempts to become this year’s Jaroslav Halak since they traded last year’s Halak in the off-season to St. Louis.  The other insert sets were a bit overwrought (Spectacular Saves with it’s large cursive lettering) or simply lacking (why so much dead space on the Tales of the Cup, Upper Deck?).  Not to be negative, but that’s just how it is.  You’d be hard pressed to come up with an Upper Deck hockey insert set that generated any sort of excitement in the last five years.

What was going to be a quick post has quickly morphed into an impromptu box review, so I’ll include my favorite base card for good measure.  It almost appears that Backstrom has taken control of that puck with his mind and has decided to levitate it in front of him.  Or that there’s something on that puck that Backstrom just does not want to touch.  Whatever the reason, it’s the kind of candid card that adds some spark to the base set, and there seemed to be a lot fewer of these in this incantation.

I also beat the odds (I think) by pulling three gold parallel Victory Update cards, which would be much more thrilling if anyone actually collected that sort of thing.  That aside, it felt like a pretty standard box of Upper Deck hockey.  No one’s buying this particular series to strike it rich, and that’s okay by me.  Without a strong collection of Young Guns, this stuff just doesn’t generate much interest, and I’d love to see Upper Deck work on that with the 2010 release.

It’s not like they have anything else to work on, right?




One response

14 07 2010
Captain Canuck

if any of these are up for trade… my wantlist is always open…..

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