About that Ginter blaster… (a live break)

14 07 2010

Are you ready?  Are you excited?  Are you burned out on Ginter?

I’m not going to lie, I love the idea of the Gint-a-Cuffs.  But man, looking at all those Ginter scans ages quickly, especially when you don’t have any cards of your own.  And since only the scoring cards get scanned, you get the same looks over an over again.

Well, I’m not constrained by rules!  In fact, I’ve got some punk on the speakers as a voice of defiance as I break this blaster and hopefully show of some otherwise unseen cards.  Ready? Pack one coming soon…

Pack 1

232 Hubertus Wawra (It seems the fire eater is a popular first card this year.  Ugh)
147 Christian Guzman
301 Gaby Sanchez
37 Andrew McCutchen Allen and Ginter backed mini
Checklist 3 of 4
TDH50 – Alex Rodriguez, Born July 27th, 1975

It’s supposed to be six cards to a pack, so I’m short changed from the gate. Unless a checklist counts as a “picture card” this year.

And my scanner is making the cards look darker then they actually are, including the pit stains on the Logan Morrison blocking Gaby Sanchez.  Not sure I’m sold on the new design.  I think the lack of actual lines is a negative this go round.  And that Wawra card is friggin’ ugly, too.

Pack 2

192 Tom Knapp
224 Ian Stewart
244 Aaron Cook
337 Joe Nathan
144 Stuart Scott black bordered mini
TDH59 Hunter Pence, April 13th 1983

Nine clay targets in less than two seconds is an impressive feat. Coming up with “Boo-yah?” Not so much. Both warrant cards in this years A&G. And I would have thought that “This Day in History” cards would have gone in calendrical order. Apparently not. A clue to the code? A red herring? Who knows.

Pack 3

156 Cameron Maybin
248 Jason Marquis
234 Nick the Stick Johnson
340 Brad Lidge
242 Jules Verne A&G back mini
TDH33 Kosuke Fukudome, April 26th 1977

Jules Verne!  Friggin’ sweet.  I’m a sucker for the authors, though looking over a list of his fifty-four novels, I realize I haven’t read much of his work.  Sounds like a trip to the library is in order.  I’m open to reccomendations.

And 112 years after the John Wilkes Booth is killed, Kosuke Fukudome is born.  Also on this date:  Jamestown settlers land at Cape Henry in modern Virginia, the establishment of the Gestapo, and the Chernobyl accident occur.

Pack 4

99 Anthony Gatto
245 Michael Dunn
102 Torii Hunter
306 Brandon Phillips
341 Jon Garland mini
TDH47 Brandon Phillips, June 28th 1981

I showed my wife the Phillips “This Day in History” card and after seeing the dateshe said, “Brandon Phillips was born in 1981? Gosh, we’re old.” Yep.

My fourth short print in as many packs. Either 300-350 aren’t the SPs, it’s a lucky box, or I’ve pulled my allotment for this blaster already. I’m holding out for lucky box.

Pack 5

291 Ron Teasley
207 Wandy Rodriguez
269 A.J. Burnett
261 Adam Jones
LO17 Dionysus Lords of Olympus mini
TDH1 Chase Utley, December 17th, 1978

Pack of the box so far. Nice to see the return of the Negro Leaguers this this years A&G. I swear Topps listens to the bloggers when it comes to things like this. If enough of us wrote that we wanted a famous cheeses insert set next year I’d give 50-50 odds that it would be done.

On top of the Teasley, a Dionysus mini, too. It seems a odds shattering box when it comes to the minis, since I’m still waiting for my first plain old regular issue one. Or are they the short prints and everything else is in abundant supply?

Pack 6

172 Ian Desmond
22 Lucy
268 Brad Kilby
74 Ryan Ludwick
A&G code card
NA5 – Cow National Animal mini (Nepal)
TDH66 Curtis Granderson March 16, 1981

Pretty lame pack, here. The Lucy card is just plain dumb. The rest of the base cards are boring poses. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Don’t have a cow, man, it’s only one pack.’ But I do have a cow. The run of non-base minis continues…

Pack 7

140 Brandon Allen
154 Juan Francisco
107 Adam Dunn
29 Cole Hamels
WB4 – Tree World’s Biggest mini
TDH31 Mark Teixeira, April 11, 1980

At first glance I love the Allen card. Looking at it again, it’s hard to make him out with the crowd in the background. That’s okay, because the Francisco rookie, the Adam Dunn, and the World’s Biggest Tree more than make up for that. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve pulled a cow and a tree from my box of baseball cards. That’s what make Allen & Ginter so awesome. Or stupid, depending on your point of view.

Pack 8

257 Ervin Santana
170 Adrian Gonzalez
295 Josh Thole
85 Yunel Escobar
AGHS8 Dewayne Wise Baseball Sketch
SSS4 Vasco Nunez De Balboa Sailors of the Seven Seas Mini
TDH46 Yovani Gallardo, February 27, 1986

Great action on the Escobar card, but again his face is hard to make out. Small pictures seem to doom this years horizontal cards, which is too bad. My missing card from pack one appears here in pack 8. Anyone want to guess why Dewayne Wise gets a sketch card?

Anything pulled I’ll scan upon request. And I’ll be back for some final words in a minute.

While I loved last year’s design, I’m oddly ambivalent about this year’s go round. I don’t like the white border around the sad blue pastel background, and some of the other pastels they chose to highlight the players on the cards clash as well. Maybe a border around that blue would like nicer?

I pulled no base card minis from the blaster. None. A mini hot box, I suppose. I was a little taken aback by the Tree mini to be honest, as if Topps stopped caring. Fittingly for the moniker “World’s Biggest,” it’s slightly miscut and larger than the other minis I happened to pull. Every year I think about chasing the mini sets, and every year I wait and wait. I think year’s a go for them if I ever work out my hobby boxes.

And I’m intrigued by some of the relics on the checklist I pulled: The Monsters of the Mesozic subset and five of the Lords of Olympus are listed, and I’m not sure what to think. There’s also relics of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Three Little Pigs which should prove interesting to say the least. And a Ronald Reagan relic seems too soon.

I’m still going to chase this set, but it seems so far to be my least favorite in the three years that I’ve done it. I reserve the right to change that opinion once I get more.




2 responses

14 07 2010

Dang, I want to find blasters.
What the heck is the World’s Biggest Mini?? Stealth insert?

14 07 2010
Nachos Grande

Are those World’s Biggest Minis blaster only? If so, that’ll really put a dent in my collecting plans! (And as a side note, if you are interested in trading that one let me know!)

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